Fujairah Court has sentenced two UAE nationals, an Omani man and two Indonesian girls to varying jail terms for indecent acts, consumption of liquor and physical assault. They have also been slapped with fines and ordered to receive lashes.

By Salah Al Debarky

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Published: Tue 29 Nov 2005, 1:22 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:09 PM

According to the indictment sheet, one of the defendants was found indulging in sexual acts in a drunken state in a car parked on the side of the road. It was alleged that he had beaten up Deedi H, one of the two girls, earlier and pushed her out of the car following a dispute over the money they had agreed on.

A passerby informed the police when he found Deedi crying for help. She was reportedly in a bad condition, and she pointed to the direction in which her assaulters sped away.

The police, along with the girl, pursued the car and found it parked by the roadside near the desert. The police found M. Abdullah, the national who assaulted the woman, hugging the second Indonesian woman, Nada S, while the others, Saeed K., another UAE national, and Mohammed A.H stood a few steps away from the car.

All of them were allegedly in an inebriated state.

On interrogation, it was revealed that the woman was thrown out of the car when she shouted at Abdullah for refusing to pay the money he had promised her. The three had earlier struck a deal with the two women for sex.

Abdulla, it appeared, claimed that he was a cop. Therefore, he was charged with impersonation as well. The girls were also charged with working for other than their sponsors.

The court sentenced Abdullah to three years in jail for impersonation and 80 lashes for drinking liquor and one month in jail for causing bodily harm. He was also slapped a fine of Dh300.

Saeed K. was sentenced to 13 months in jail and 90 lashes, and Mohammed A.H to one year in jail followed by deportation. Deedi H. was sentenced to 13 months in jail and 90 lashes for illicit sex, 75 lashes for drinking liquor and a fine of Dh1300 for working with an employer other than her lawful sponsor.

Nada S. was ordered to remain behind bars for one year for illicit sex and was fined Dh1300 for working with person other than her sponsor.

The court also ordered the deportation of the two girls after spending the jail terms.

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