He is definitely the hottest thing to have happened to Mumbai moviedom in recent times. He is most certainly a sex icon of sorts — but like most Indians, he is patriotic too. Not many know that last month, John Abraham snapped at a gathering of journalists in Toronto ...

By N. Anandhi (Contributor)

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Published: Wed 2 Nov 2005, 12:49 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:22 PM

because they spoke out against Indian movies. Abraham took the cudgels to retaliate and correct their image of Hindi cinema.

You were in Toronto for Deepa Mehta's Water when this incident happened, right?

True. I have always respected the media, whether foreign or Indian, because they are so responsible and they work towards bettering the society. But at the Toronto Film Festival, the foreign media went far too ahead in speaking badly about Indian movies. I felt bad about it because I belong to the very fraternity and I am not someone who can just stand and listen to negative things. I told them exactly that.

Oh, you seem a true patriot.

That's not about being a patriot, that's about giving respect to a nation and its people or anyone. I am glad that I speak my mind wherever I go.

Let's talk about Garam Masala

Nice that you have broached the topic of Garam Masala (laughs). It was a pleasure working with Priyadarshan he is the finest talent we have today. I always made mistakes in some scene or the other, but Priyan was calm. He didn't mind me taking eight to nine shots for a single scene. In a sense, he is a perfectionist. Whatever comedy I have been able to pull off in Garam Masala, it is all thanks to Priyan.

Incidentally, while you are a photojournalist in Garam Masala, in Kabul Express, you play a journalist. How strange?

That's not strange that's coincidence (laughs). Kabul Express is a film recounting the experiences of two journalists posted in Afghanistan. It is a funny character and a warm story about how we try to extract information from the terrorists and how that leads to comic situations.

What about Rituparno Ghosh's Sahib Biwi Gulam? Are you doing it?

Nothing has been worked out yet. I have seen Rituparno's films and have loved his work. He is a filmmaker who makes serious cinema, but we are still working on a few things before the project begins.

What's happening to the motor publication that you intended to start?

That was just an idea. I would speak about it when we get financiers. The idea was just blown up but yes I am crazy about bikes and motors and will give my best to start a publication on it if I get an opportunity.

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