Is the Arshad-Maria marriage over?

One of Bollywood’s most endearing couples are heading towards Splitsville. And if rumours are to be believed Dia Mirza has a role to play in it

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Published: Wed 29 Oct 2008, 8:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:45 PM

Rumours of trouble in the Arshad Warsi-Maria marriage has been doing the rounds for a while now. And sadly, things seems to have gone worse in recent days. Amongst the innumerable reasons for their split, the latest is his affair with Dia Mirza. That was the final straw for Maria.
Maria has been battling it out alone all this while - bringing up the kids, seeing to their studies, keeping them company and looking after their home.

Maria was going through a depression due to loneliness and could not handle things single handedly while Arshad was busy with his work. She waited for years, patiently praying that once he made it big he would have more time for the family. But things got only worse. Arshad became more ambitious and less caring. His attitude was that she should look after the house while he did his work. He could not understand that Maria expected him to share some of the responsibilities. She gave herself time to get used to being alone but could not take it anymore. The cracks in their marriage had already set in.
Says an insider, “Arshad barely knew his daughter when she was growing up. After the birth of his son he had to immediately fly out leaving Maria alone to look after both the kids. At that point one felt that Maria might have a nervous breakdown, as her hands were full. She finally called her mother down to help her out. Maria is not able to travel because of the young kids so she feels trapped.

“She is one of those women who need companionship. She shared her husband’s happiness when he became successful but did not realise that he would want to begin his own production house and go into filmmaking. She accompanied him on two outdoor schedules but felt even more alone. Arshad was so edgy and busy with his film that he had no time for her. Maria tried her best to understand that for Arshad nothing mattered except work. He had come up the hard way and it was his life long ambition to make it big. But, while Arshad was busy with his home production in London, rumours of his affair with his leading lady Dia Mirza kept floating in. Finally when she was convinced that he was having an affair, Maria decided that she could not take it anymore. This was the last straw. It was then that she informed Arshad that for her the marriage was over!”

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