“Emraan Hashmi won’t do a naked scene”

Emraan’s character is very similar to that of an actor in the series Heroes.

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Published: Tue 27 Jan 2009, 9:28 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Apr 2015, 1:24 PM

If you’re talking about Emraan’s character being copied from the show then I’m sorry to say that Heroes wasn’t the place from where the idea originated. Dharmendra in Dream Girl would paint Hema Malini’s picture too! Initially I thought of incorporating auto writing into the film but the thought of it sounded a bit difficult with the amount of voice overs it would entail, so painting was the best option.

Was the nude bath tub scene with Kangana axed by the censor board?

It’s not a nude scene at all!  Indian cinema has not reached that level where any actor would do a naked scene. Even Emraan Hashmi won’t do a naked scene! She comes out of the bathtub with a body suit because it would look funny if she came out of the bathtub with clothes on.

Rumours say that you and Kangana were not on talking terms?

We did get into a tiff and all this began when a story started doing the rounds in the media that the two of us were seen together at a coffee shop. This made things weird for us as all these reports were false. I’m a director who doesn’t like to be linked with his co-stars. I was very uncomfortable about the entire situation and that’s why we were not on talking terms.

The only guy who was aware about this was Adhyayan who told us to behave like adults. So we sat down after completing the film, spoke about it and got the air cleared.

Were Kangna and Adhyayan stuck in their vanity van for so long that Emraan lost his patience and walked off the set?

Emraan and Adhyayan have hardly shot in this film together. They shot together for just one day. The story was something else and got blown out of proportion. My assistants were knocking on a vanity van but there was no response from within. We realised later that my buffoon assistants were knocking on the wrong van and that’s why I lost my temper with them. The next story out was that Emraan and I had locked up Adhyayan in a van. The other story was that my assistants refused to enter a van since Kangana and Adhyayan were there.

It’s funny how different things are linked and made into such a gigantic story.

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