Chal Dil Meray, the one-take video of Ali Zafar, which is directed by Jami, is out now. As I said before, it's a one shot video so that anticipation for the video was obviously much greater. The video has been shot in old Lahore with a couple of people from NCA and Natasha Hussein, ...

By Pak Tunes By Qamar Khalid

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Published: Tue 29 Jun 2004, 2:29 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:52 AM

the model, in a cameo. Unfortunately, the video is not anything great. Ali Zafar got off to a flying start because of the song and its video. But, this time around, Chal Dil Meray seems to be just the usual. This is not something what one would expect from someone like Jami. The video shows Ali Zafar as a white-collar gangster who makes the world around him move with money. From cricketers to girls to musicians, he makes everyone dance to his tunes through money. The concept is quite right for such a song but the flaw lies with the execution. At times, the lip-synching of Ali Zafar does not even go with the actual song running in the background! A one-take video requires a lot of innovative ideas... the ideas were there but sadly, the result was not as expected. Though, this video will not do any harm to the rapidly growing number of Ali Zafar fans but it should certainly make Jami think whether he is taking his viewers for granted! After the Fuzon candy video, this is his second big blunder.


Aaroh, the Nabeel-Kamran Aaroh, performed live on June22 in Mumbai. This was at the audio release of the movie Rakth which is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, for which Aaroh has produced and directed the title track along with the Indian singer K.K. The movie is supposedly a horror movie so it will be interesting to see what Aaroh has come up with this time. I have been forced to point this out because there has been a lot of talk going on whether Aaroh can do justice to their own sort of music as well as the movie. So let's wait and see. Aaroh's current line-up is Nabeel, Kamran, Schehzad, Rahat, Zeeshan and Qaisar. Aaroh will also be performing at different places in India. On the other hand, Farooq and Khalid have come up with the video for their own Aaroh. The video is of Na Kaho which was part of Sawaal, the album produced by Nabeel and Kamran. Now, isn't this interesting? The two groups are still fighting over the rights of the name Aaroh. The only thing worth mentioning about the video is the way the band has been placed in the video. They are shown sitting on the chairs of the restaurant and singing and playing to the song ala Mlive setting!


The biggest news of the week is that Strings have been roped in to lend their song, Na Jaane Kyun from Dhaani, for the Indian version of Spiderman. Not only will Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman soon have an Indian avatar as Pavitr Prabhakar, but now the web swinging super hero will sing, like all Indian heroes, a song! "When we were approached by Columbia to do this track for Spider-Man 2, it was unreal," said Strings member Faisal Kapadia. "Spider-Man has been a favourite character of ours for a long time, so to sing a track for the worldwide film is an amazing opportunity," added partner Bilal Maqsood. Strings are in Mumbai currently to shoot a video for the track as well to promote their recently released album Dhaani, which has hit the top spot in India, once again. These two Spider-Man fans can't wait to hear the rest of the OST which also features international acts like Hoobastank, Train and Maroon 5.

"We are very, very excited," says Faisal. Bilal agrees, "To work on a project of this magnitude is a dream." Na Jaane Kyun will be the only Urdu track to feature on the OST. "The track is about finding one's identity," explains Bilal. "At the end of first movie, Peter Parker is not sure about whether he wants to continue being Spider-Man. The song explains the self-conflict." What is confusing is why the media and the bands themselves refer to the song as a Hindi song when it is an Urdu one. Shouldn't they be bringing their own essence of their land to the movie or the country (India) rather than gelling into it? Anyway, good luck to them.

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