I am an avid reader of your newspaper and enjoy poring over the varied columns and news items with great interest. But the matter printed on page three of city times invariably put me off as I find it frivolous and least important.

By Ct Mail

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Published: Fri 17 Jun 2005, 1:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

The whole page is splashed with a series of boring photographs of the rich, the beautiful and the famous hobnobbing at various social events that are organized from time to time. I don't think these events serve any useful purpose nor are intelligent readers interested in the inane activities of the highflying jet-set. It would be much better if instead of wasting so much space over inconsequential events and personalities, you do some worthy reporting or publish articles that are of great significance to the people and related to their daily lives and problems. It is hoped that you will consider my suggestion and make necessary changes. Saman Amir, Ajman

Well dressed

Kamal, I see your clothes are beautifully tailored and tasteful. It looks like your wardrobe assistant has done a good job. How about loaning him to me so that I get a few tips on style too. Sonia Singhania, Abu Dhabi

Thank you

Mr Galadari, you always seem to remind us of the important people and things in this world. For your common sense piece on Kindness seen as Weakness I have to say thank you. Jane Kinghorn, Dubai

A precious gift

I just read a segment on the doctors who may be aborting babies with Down Syndrome. Sounds like Nazism to me. I am a heart patient and our three year old son has Down's Syndrome and he is not only gifted, I believe he is a gift to us. Salim Elawa, Abu Dhabi

Bizzy bee

There is a new guy among us

Financial stuff he bring us

He reported on business today

Impressive it was, I must say

His head is really humongous. Ivan John, Dubai

Bully you

Roopa, I am fat but six foot tall. I was once waiting in line (with my friends) at the fast food joint and some idiot behind us made a comment under his breath about how I should get only salad and leave the rest of the junk food. Funny thing is I heard it. Needless to say when I turned around and got right in his face, the coward said nothing and walked away. A valuable lesson to those getting picked on. Bullies are the wimpiest people on the planet. Yasir P, Ajman

Law of nature

My whole family has extra pounds from fat genes, eating too much is the reason. But just remember, in a famine, the skinny one goes first. Mohammed Abdul, Dubai

Fame eludes

Faisal, why are you always wasting time chatting up different people on the news desk and the scanning section. Are you planning to put your mugshot on Page 1? But what will you do about the news? Please think of something better on how you can get your 15 minutes of fame. And hurry up. The Media Mole, Dubai

Chill pill

Chandroo, it's heart-breaking to see how you make people work. Why don't you take a break once in a while? We know you are fond of the good things in life. So, go on, take a chill pill and stop breathing down the necks of the sub editors. Hussein Masood, Dubai

Marketing savvy

You are a marketing genius. I wish I could be brave enough to tell everyone to smile. Oh, to have your life! Your job seems to revolve about talking about doing good things. May be because your job involves smiling for a camera instead of selling it, you think everyone should smile around you. Mickey Singh, Dubai

Price of freedom

Michael Jackson bought his freedom for about $15 million. Too bad that money wasn't spent getting him help earlier. Angela, Jumeirah

Good work

Chandroo thanks for the excellent interview. I've heard the stories about you being a special kid growing up and now look at you! You have every right to be proud. Anand Iyer, Dubai

Slow act

Sharafuddin, I went to one of supermarkets yesterday. I bought a beautiful pillow. Can I send it to you because I heard you rest your head on a heap of files? Get moving. Afzal Khan, Dubai

Stupidity abounds

Chandroo, we all know you are a stupid man. But I know more are not all that stupid. So quit pretending. The Couch Potato, Dubai

Mush melon

Ejhas, my friend once said, 'One's character often shows up in the upward curve of one's mouth' and I have come to the conclusion that you are a big mush melon. Most men, deep down are big softies. Nabeela, Dubai

Bad attitude

To the one who seems to be everyone's friend. Apparently you think a regular person is someone with the same attitude you have. I now know what the serpent sounded like when he was talking to Eve. Ahmed, Dubai

Smile please

Anil, when did you smile last? I am a 39-year-old terminally ill lady. I would like to tell you it is important to have a good smile on your face. Things are so bad in this world... who knows, a few extra smiles here and there may help.Haseena Rahman, Dubai

Sheer genius

Dinkar, your superb intelligence in the stock market and economy is something everyone should aspire to acquire. Please let me know if you are planning to hold a workshop, I'd love to attend. Majid Ali, Dubai

Mind reader

Blessing, most of us aren't as smart as you. We can't read the minds of your guest like you do. If you let them finish their thoughts we can then know what they are thinking. Roopali, Sharjah

A poem

The COO is so cool

No way you can bend the rule

He makes sure that KT runs like a school

He has the technique and the tool

To see no one forgets to spool. E A,Dubai

Get shorty

Recently in City Times, I read an article which indicated that short men, when compared to tall men, fall short on two counts — career and romance. Now that's not true when it comes to KT, or is it? Chandru is short and he is the editor, so careerwise he seems to be going great guns. And who cares about personal life anyway. Suzi, Dubai

Mole's law

When it comes to moving up the ladder, some people in the KT staff seem to have got the booster dose from the boss. And they seem to be enjoying their new elevated positions within the organisation. But with these positions comes extra responsibility, so beware of slippery grounds that lie underneath. Make sure that the foothold is right and the grip watertight. You are being watched. The Media Mole, Dubai

To Yes Sir

Whose name rhymes with 'yes sir'

The man in KT's cauldron who has caused a stir

Who is the man who is in everybody's fur

The man who treats the employee like a mangy cur

It must be the man whose name rhymes with 'yes sir' M N, Dubai

Right this

A memo that comes your way

Is not the right way to start the day

And yet there are men who write letters

Because they can't do any better. N. R., Dubai

Mighty writer

Chandroo, I have begun to admire you for your sharp writing skills. You really treat your pen like a sword and you truly are the mighty Zorro of the journalism world. Raguvendra Mathur, Abu Dhabi

Unbalanced news coverage

KT, you are supposed to be fair and balanced. Then why are you putting so many stories on your pages and causing an imbalance in the UAE media scene? Now all the other newspapers pale in comparison next to you. Sarah Roberts, Dubai

More bizz

The business times has so many stories from all the world, it is like reading the world news. Of course, it's another story behind the scenes, where there's more talk and less action. Intriguing to say the least. The Ombudsman, Dubai

MJ, our hero

We are fans of Michael Jackson and we are so happy that it has been proved that he is innocent. Me and my brother wish him success and we can't wait to hear his next album. Sammy and Sherie, Jumeirah

The iron fist

Chandroo, I'm so impressed with your strong views on nuclear proliferation and the decline of world economy. You certainly aren't the meek person you pretend to be. There's an iron fist in those kids gloves I tell you. Matthew Pearson, Dubai

Secret of happiness

I visited the KT marketing section and I was impressed to see so many happy employees. What's the secret? Surely it can't be just the shorter working hours, weekends off, or the fatter pay checks? Myra Chadwick, Dubai

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