Bouquets and blooms

FLOWERS HAVE always been the silent yet expressive language existing between friends, families, and those dearest to us in life.

By Lubna Al Midfa (Staff Reporter)

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Published: Sat 8 Dec 2007, 11:48 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 11:54 PM

With pink flowers symbolising friendship, red for love and yellow for expressing happiness, WUD floral boutique situated in a two storied Jumeirah Villa is dedicated to creating the best flower designs tailored to each customer's personality. It is appropriately named 'WUD', which in the Arabic language means desire.

Launched in 2003 with a sole purpose of providing and fusing creativity in each floral design, WUD has a team of 15 passionate designers and artists. The villa is trailing with petals and leaves of a variety of flowers from Holland mostly, such as Cymbidium Orchid, Tulips, Brassiva, Shamrock, Lilies, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Calla Lilies, and Amaranthus Hanging to name a few.

Using creative containers and accessories to create unique arrangements, WUD flowers is committed to delivering quality fresh flowers in impressive designs that promise to leave lasting impressions to customers. On whether the choice of flowers and arrangements differ from season to season, and what’s in season at the moment Florist Mars Galamitun who has been designing for 6 years, explains, "The orchids are all year round, the roses too, except special flowers like Peonys are ordered for special orders and occasions."

"The flowers mostly in demand are the Orchid, Ama Lilies, all from Holland. In WUD flowers we try not to create ordinary designs, basic, as some customers are looking for something more modern, our designs are, new and fresh. Of course if the customer wants classic designs, we can do that as well, but at times there will always be an element of free style mixed with the classic."

On what makes a one flower arrangement visually appealing rather than one that may not necessarily be as attractive, he says, "It depends mainly on the colours of the flowers, for example, you can gather many beautiful flowers and arrange them together, but their colours might be drastically different and clash. So first I would say that the primary factor to consider is the colour of the flowers that will be placed together, there should be harmony.

Also, there should always be a balance when you are mixing flowers of different sizes for example don’t mix small flowers solely with small flowers, instead there should be variety some balance to complete the look in the final outcome."

To keep up with the changing trends, and artistic evolution, WUD flowers sends its staff to Holland, the world’s capital for flowers, for regular training to ensure that the staff familiarise with modern concepts including minimalism in floral arrangements and how the philosophy of less is more is becoming increasingly appreciated.

On whether designing floral arrangements requires a lot of patience and skill, Mars says, "Mostly yes, especially when you are trying to create an arrangement that fits the customers personality and message that they wish to send across. Also internationally, it is seen as an art skill that is gaining more appreciation. In WUD flowers we are trying our best to make a difference everyday by not repeating the same designs and create what is modern."

Whether it is a simple bouquet, or flower arrangements for a wedding event or just to decorate your home WUD Flowers delivers quality and creative flora style. For more information contact

Photos: Liaqat Hussein

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