Generative AI tools becoming mainstream in HR processes

Newly launched payroll software solution aims to help boardrooms focus on broader workforce management


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Sundar Subramanian and Rohit Mathur.
Sundar Subramanian and Rohit Mathur.

Published: Thu 23 May 2024, 7:50 PM

The transformation of GenAI tools over the last 18 months into legitimate utility tools for businesses has begun changing the essence of employment. The concept of remote workers, and global workforces have opened up a major challenge for businesses: Keeping both employee happiness and productivity high.

Businesses in the UAE are riding the global wave of putting together robust policies for pay parity, diversity, benefits, and flexible work schedules. Staying on top of all this from a payroll operations perspective has become an increasingly challenging job amid growth in globally dispersed teams. Ramco Payce, a platform-based payroll software, has launched in the UAE to help take the burden off such businesses.

Payce is an advanced tech offering by Ramco Systems, a major player in the global payroll management market.

Payce is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enabled and has data and prediction capabilities that allow organizations to have a bird’s-eye view of their operations and provides strategic insights on their payroll. Its launch in the UAE is one of Ramco’s many strategic moves in the Middle East in recent years, accompanied by its continued expansion in the region.

“Ramco’s journey in the Middle East has been nothing short of remarkable, with the region becoming an integral part of our success story. Having garnered some marquee brand names, Ramco’s payroll solution has witnessed rapid growth in the region in recent years. Amid the increasing globalization, diversification, and remote nature of workforces, we understand the challenges businesses face with payroll. Ramco Payce is tailored to lower payroll load while simplifying processes, ensuring accuracy & compliance, and boosting employee satisfaction,” Sundar Subramanian, CEO of Ramco Systems, said.

Payce’s tech is geared to help business leaders and boardrooms think about larger, more strategic challenges by taking the load off their payroll teams. The product’s automation drastically reduces errors during payments, ensures country-specific compliances are taken care of, and addresses payroll related queries/ grievances through an intelligent chatbot.

Rohit Mathur, SVP & SBU Head, Global Payroll & HR at Ramco Systems, spoke about the role of this technology. Mathur stated: “Ramco Payce will streamline and simplify the complex payroll processing, empowering organisations and payroll professionals with enhanced efficiency. With the capability to handle large data volumes within minutes, Ramco’s lightning-fast payroll processing, coupled with features like self-service reporting, no-code rule builder, and payroll workspaces, will redefine the landscape of payroll transformation.”

Apart from the intricate details of daily payroll management, Payce’s analytics and reporting capabilities provide real-time data insights to solve macro trends related to pay parity, inclusivity, and diversity. Its anomaly & reasoning engine tracks payroll variances, and its country specific prebuilt configurations enables faster and hassle-free implementations.

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