Himani Fast Relief- Herbal Pain Relief Ointment & Spray

Filed on March 31, 2021

Himani Fast Relief- Herbal Pain Relief Ointment & Spray has been one of the most trusted and preferred brand for pain relief across Middle east. The product formulation falls under the Topical analgesics category that are based on natural/ herbal extracts of wintergreen, menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, turpentine, clove etc. The herbal actives present in Fast Relief lets you get symptomatic relief from pain with no harmful side effects or addiction even after using on regular basis.

Himani Fast Relief formulation is time tested and enriched with special herbs that help the ointment to penetrate swiftly into the area of pain. After penetration, the active ingredients stimulate circulation, relax stiffness and re-oxygenate painful tissues thereby resulting in relief in minutes and helping one get back into their routine life.

It is convenient for people to have pills for all kind of pains but when consumed on a frequent basis, they have been found to have some side effects which will cause discomfort. Here are the four reasons to choose Himani Fast Relief over Pills.

1. Targeted - Applied locally and target only on specific pain area

2. Fast - Penetrates into the skin faster and bring much needed relief

3. Safe - Not harmful and can be used regularly

4. Long lasting

Usage :

Relief in minutes from

himani usage

The product is available in Ointment (25ml,50ml & 100ml) and Spray (150ml) format. It is available in all major outlets in UAE.

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