Is rudeness acceptable in some zones?

THE Ministry of Education is used to receiving lists of unwanted teachers and inspectors from the educational zones every year. So, the ministry transfers them to other zones, in what is called ‘disciplinary transfers’.


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Published: Wed 22 Jun 2005, 10:14 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:07 PM

This is what has happened now in one of the educational zones, when two inspectors were included in one of the lists to be transferred to another zone — one of them is an English language inspector and the other an Arabic language inspector. One of them asked a ministry official about the reason behind their transfer orders; the answer he received was that they both used phrases that did not befit their job as inspectors working in

female schools and dealing with female teachers. That is the reason the administrations of the schools in the zone refused to deal with them.

Is it possible to transfer an inspector to another zone because his first zone refused to deal with him for his rudeness? Is rudeness acceptable in some places and unacceptable in others? Or is it unacceptable in girls’ schools but acceptable in boys’ schools? Logically, the education field, which instructs and moulds students in their most formative years, should not appoint anybody with such improper and uninstructive behaviour in the first place.

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