Dubai steals hearts and minds of expatriates

DUBAI - Dubai's reputation as a world class destination for both visitors and residents has been widely discussed and many people are increasingly coming to the Gulf due to the kind of facilities the country offers to its people.

By (By a staff reporter)

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Published: Mon 31 May 2004, 10:03 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 11:33 AM

Both expatriates and the local people seem to be happy with the city's tremendous growth plans and the immense infrastructure.

Apart from the safety and security which one enjoys in the country, Dubai also offers its inhabitants one of the most cosmopolitan environments in the world with nearly 130 different nationalities co-existing with one other.

Khaleej Times spoke to a cross-section of people regarding their views on living in Dubai and what they felt their adopted country offers to them - both materially and culturally.

John Dishman, professor, "I have stayed in nearly every part of the world and I must say that the infrastructure of the roads in the Emirates is quite commendable for a country that is only 33-year old.

"The expansion and growth of Dubai is particularly incredible although there are certain issues which still need to be addressed. For instance, there is a greater need for the construction of passages and tunnels for pedestrians on the Shaikh Zayed road as there is a huge scarcity for them. Another suggestion would be to have paths especially made for cyclists as I'm sure a lot of more people would use bicycles if there were clear cut paths designated for them."

Brian Wilkie, Project Director, Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre, "Dubai's infrastructure is truly amazing considering that it is such a small country. The government is taking great strides in the right direction and I think they have done a tremendous job in providing their people with the best of facilities. The only thing that might be lacking is the cultural aspect as far more theatre groups and art exhibitions would be beneficial for the people."

Fredericks Andrade, sales engineer, "I love being in Dubai as they offer the best in almost everything - be it food, entertainment or culture. Earlier, I used to stay in Kuwait and the cost of living over there is quite less as compared to Dubai. That said, the increasing construction sites should lead to a decrease in rent prices which should be beneficial to the people."

Ron Bagnulo, freelance journalist, "Dubai is an amazing place and I have seen it grow from a quaint village to an extremely cosmopolitan city state. It still attracts a lot of different people and the local people have been gracious enough to allow us to come here and work. Personally, I have been staying here for the last 30 years and my entire family is here with me, which makes me feel even more attached to the place."

Phillip Andders, teacher, "Living in Dubai is extremely convenient as compared to other countries in Europe. For instance, getting things done here is simpler than a place like Germany where I come from and I'm really glad to be staying here. The cost of living, however, is getting a bit high and the traffic seems to be going from bad to worse."

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