Dubai Police chief to run FNC elections

DUBAI — Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim has announced that he is nominating himself to run the elections of the Federal National Council (FNC) scheduled for the forthcoming December. He promised to present many surprised during his electoral programme.

By Salah El Debarkey

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Published: Sat 9 Sep 2006, 11:10 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 8:21 PM

Lt. General Dhahi is the first government officials, who announced running the next elections for the emirate of Dubai. The next elections are big opportunity for competition and win a seat in the council as representative of Dubai emirate, he added.

Dhahi Khalfan Tamim was born in 1951 in Dubai. He is a member of the Executive Council. He graduated from the Royal Police Academy-Amman-Jordan in 1970. He received a specialised study in the field of the Criminal Investigation. He was appointed as a Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police in 1980.

Dhahi Khalfan had occupied several posts, some of which he still holds. He is Head of the Juvenile Welfare Association- Dubai, Head of the Emirates Talented Welfare Association, Chairman of the Dubai Parents Council, member of Dubai Construction Council (Immar), member of the Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

Among his major contribution, the establishment of the first department to safeguard Human Rights in 1995. He also has a record in the humanitarian and social field as he established the Khalfan School for Memorizing the Holy Quran in both Dubai and India and had set up an Orphans Welfare House.

The Dubai Police chief had been awarded several medals in recognition of his contributions to the police development throughout the years amog them the award the best executive and regional character in the Middle East in 2004, the United Nations Award for the most prominent Arab personality in fighting narcotics in March 2002, among others.

Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan has also many publications concerning the police field and the public issues. He also has taken part in several symposia and conferences at the internal and foreign levels.

List of achievements during police chiefdom:

1. The establishment of police operations chamber, one of the best of its kinds besides patrolsí monitoring via artificial satellites

2. The establishment of Criminal Laboratories and the introduction of DNA system

3. The establishment of forensic medicine

4. The establishment of marine, land, and air rescue teams

5. The establishment of electronic fingerprint across the country

6. Directing and supervising the unified criminal and naturalization and residency system across the country.

7. The establishment of Dubai Police Academy.

8. The establishment of the departments of planning, human resources, services and institutionsí security, and human rights.

9. The establishment of total quality system, and total quality electronic college.

10. The establishment of anti-terrorism, organized crimes, and electronic crimes department.

11. The establishment of electronic traffic in 1986, the first introduction of computerization in Dubai government departments.

12. The establishment of a research centre, one of the main supportive decision-taking centres.

13. The establishment of modern premises for police stations

14. The introduction of Dubai Police as the first government department to adopt and implement (electronic government).

15. The introduction and implementation of scores of criminal, traffic, security, and administrative systems.

16. The introduction of paperless management at Dubai Police since 1984.

17. The introduction of Dubai Police as the first government department to adopt and use e-mail system

18. The establishment of addictsí rehabilitation centres.

19. The establishment of a sports stadium and modern club at Dubai Police.

20. Supervising the issuance of many of Dubai police publications

21. Under his leadership, Dubai Police has won the prize of the best government performance in 1998.

22. Under his leadership, Dubai Police has won many other prizes in distinguished government performance at different years.

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