Dirty posters, bills mar Ajman's image

AJMAN - The dirty habit of sticking posters, bills and stickers anywhere and everywhere is still prevalent despite a regulation by the Ajman Municipality, which strictly prohibits this obnoxious practice of posting notices, events and gaudy advertisements in public places and buildings in the emirate.

By Afkar Ali Abdullah

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Published: Sat 22 May 2004, 12:26 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 2:26 PM

While Ghassan Kamal, director of the public relations department at Ajman Municipality, confirmed that such a regulation existed, an official from the waste section of the municipality said that he was unaware of it.

He, however, said that he himself was quite concerned about the practice of people sneaking up at night and slapping posters, bills and stickers on walls of buildings as well as on mosques and other holy places.

Mr Kamal said that the practice spoils the beauty of the buildings, public parks and other areas in the emirates, and it was annoying to see unsightly buildings and towers with graffiti, stickers, bills and posters.

"The emirates of Ajman prides itself with its architectural developments which aim to improve and adorn buildings and towers and enhance its scenic beauty," he said.

He pointed out that the municipality endeavours to maintain the positive and favourable outlook of the emirate, and is working towards building awareness among residents on ways to keep the emirate clean and tidy.

Mr Kamal added that the municipality is keeping the communication lines open with community members who were welcome to address their complaints or offer suggestions to assist the municipality in enhancing its services and providing better facilities to the residents.

Obaid Al Rowaidi, a building owner in Ajman, said that a large number of stickers and posters of Hindi movies have changed the colour of his building's walls. He has recently painted the wall, which is currently wearing a new look. He added that the people who stuck these posters did not bother removing them after the campaign got over.

Pappu, a grocery keeper, said that sticking these posters, bills and stickers were being done at 1am or 2am. "Removing these stickers is a big headache for us," he said, adding that as per the directives of the municipality, all public and private property should be free from posters and stickers of any kinds. Mohamed Al Mannan, a resident of Ajman, said that advertising on walls, telephone booths, bus stations, roundabouts, groceries, supermarkets that carry all sorts of ads and contact numbers, messes up the city and was considered an utter disregard for cleanliness and hygiene.

"These materials should not be taped, tacked, or stapled to windows, doors and walls of buildings as well as to plants, trees or garbage bins along the city's main roads. The municipality should issue a strict policy to reduce the number of stickers, posters and bills that flourish within the city," he said.

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