Call to replace nylon bags with cloth bags

DUBAI — A campaign for recycling papers and to replace the use of anti-environment nylon bags with multi-use cloth bags was organised by a team of Daw Al Akhdar TV show stressing the need for better communications between recycling and paper waste producing companies.

By Eman Al Baik

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Published: Tue 17 May 2005, 10:25 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:27 PM

Abdullah Mattar, a member of the team, said there was an urgent need to bridge between these two types of activities to enable recycling of the huge quantity of paper wastes.

"We realised that there are huge quantities of paper waste that need to be recycled in order to help protect the environment and at the same time to help the reuse of papers after recycling," he noted.

The team visited Khaleej Times, the organisation which was among other 35 companies that cooperated positively with the team's campaign. The team have placed a number of boxes which carried their campaign's logo "Recycle" where companies' employees will dispose paper wastes. These boxes were donated by the Union Paper Recycling Mill, Al Kahleej for Cartoon Manufactury and the Arabic daily Al Bayan.

The boxes will be collected later by the team and handed over to the Dubai-based Emirates Environmental Group which will take care of the papers and ensure recycling them via ETA, a specialised recycling company, said Abdullah.

Aiming to encourage the public to use environment friendly cloth bags, the team's members have ridden their cycles and roamed the new Fruits and Vegetable market wearing the slogan "Cycle to Recycle" on their T-shirts. "We needed to be close to the public when promoting for the campaign so we came to the place of their gathering. We looked for prompting shoppers to use environment friend bags for their fruits and vegetable shopping," said Abdullah.

"We brought to the shoppers' awareness the importance of protecting the environment from sacs made of nylon, the material which is considered among the number one enemy to the environment. It takes thousand of years for nylon to dissolve and if so it produces poisonous gases and substances that remains in the soil," noted Abdullah adding," We wish people will opt to use bags made of cloth, a material that is safe for the environment. However, these bags can of multi usages and can be washed after each use," he noted.

The campaign at the Fruits and Vegetable market ended up successful as the team educated the market's customers of the issue and distributed too 100 of them bags made of cloths, added Abdullah.

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