UAE: How raffle millionaires picked their winning numbers

People have specific formulas they follow when participating in a draw

By SM Ayaz Zakir

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Published: Thu 18 Aug 2022, 2:49 PM

Last updated: Thu 18 Aug 2022, 10:04 PM

People have a specific formulas they follow when participating in a draw. Some believe that their family’s birthday gets them luck, some chose the numbers randomly, and some chose the date, month, and year on the day they participate.

Winning Dh 5 million with family birth dates

The recent 88th Mahzooz Grand Draw saw a worker taking home Dh5 million. Nelson has been participating in the Mahzooz Draw for the last 18 months with the same set of numbers, which are the birth dates of his family members. “My date of birth is 7; while my wife’s is 9, daughter’s 17, son’s 19, and the youngest son’s, 21,” said Nelson.

Nelson’s friends and family members were aware of his lucky number and when he won his friends and family members were first to know. “I had no knowledge that I had won. I learned about it when my friends and wife called me up to inform me as they knew about the numbers I participate with usually,” said Nelson.

Nelson shared the winning amount of Dh 10 million with Shanavas as their numbers matched. They heard about each other for the first time when the results were announced.

Selecting random numbers

However, Shanavas selects his numbers randomly. “I have been participating in the draws for a long time and I use different numbers every time I participate,” said Shahnavas.

The two participants’ lives changed overnight after matching five out of the five winning numbers, which were 7,9,17,19,21.

Many participants select random numbers each time they participate. They say that they select the number that first appears in their mind.

Such was the case with French-Tunisian national Hamdi, a local TV producer in Abu Dhabi, who became a multi-millionaire overnight after winning the Mahzooz's Grand Prize of Dh10 million in the 56th weekly live Mahzooz Grand Draw.

Hamdi, who became the 20th millionaire of the Mahzooz Draw, matching five winning numbers, said he used to participate at least once a month but never won anything. "I select the numbers that first appear in my mind during selection. It was luck that favoured me this time. I could never imagine winning this big amount," he said.

Lottery ticket matching son’s birthday

For Thedsinamoorthy Meenachisundram, the winning numbers in the Big Ticket’s weekly electronic draw matched his son’s birthday.

Meenachisundram a Dubai-based Indian expat won Dh500,000 in a raffle draw with ticket number: 065245 on May 2, after returning from vacation in India and spending time with his wife and baby.

“My son will turn a year old on May 24. His date of birth is 24-5-2021. Since 24 and 5 were the last three digits on a particular ticket, I selected it,” said Meenachisundram.

Meenachisundram has been living in the UAE for the past nine years and has been purchasing Big Ticket for the past five years, hoping that I will get lucky one day. He usually purchases a ticket with contributions from his friends and brother. Surprisingly, the day he won; he was the only contributor to the ticket.

Trusting your eyes

The selection of numbers is different for many. For instance, Usama Mohammed goes into an open area with the ticket in his hand to select the numbers. He selects the numbers based on what his eyes encounter first. “Sometimes I see a number on a billboard, number on cars, sign boards etc,”

Mohamad was also surprised when he discovered that he had won Dh7,777, as it was the first time he had won anything in a raffle draw.

“I’ve been participating in draws for the last two years,” said the sexagenarian who lives in Abu Dhabi.

Taking help from their partner

On 9 July 2022, 26-year-old British expat received a generous wedding gift of Dh10 million just five days before his wedding.

Reece, the top-prize winner at the 84th draw, has been living in the UAE for the past four years, and had planned to get married on 14 July 2022. Reece has been participating in draws for the last four years and before selecting the numbers he discusses them with his wife.

“The winning numbers matched the ones we had selected. As soon as I learned about the win, I shared the happy news with my fiancé and my parents, and they were shocked and in tears of joy,” said Reece.


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