Inflation in UAE: Have Dubai breakfasts, brunches become more expensive?

Residents say restaurants' buffet spreads have become smaller in recent months


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Fri 29 Jul 2022, 4:48 PM

Last updated: Fri 29 Jul 2022, 10:38 PM

Breakfast and brunch lovers in Dubai lament paying higher prices at much-loved and fashionable eateries in the city.

Residents say they feel inflation's pinch, not just during petrol stops and grocery runs, but also during one of the city's iconic dining experiences. This, coupled with Covid restrictions, they say, is diluting the effect of the meals' upbeat tunes.

British expat Maxine says, "I have been in Dubai for 12 years now. The prices of the brunches have gone up quite a bit. I remember the day one could absolutely go to a proper five-star brunch for Dhs500; now it's more like Dhs650-700... The higher-end brunches are definitely more expensive now - some go up to Dh800, which is a significant rise from what it used to be," she says.

While many buy Entertainer vouchers for discounts and sign up to Zomato for good deals on meals, diners clearly complain about shelling out more for less now.

Indian expat Deepika Soman says, "The prices of both breakfast and brunches have gone up. We often tend to buy the Entertainer vouchers at the start of the year. Despite the vouchers and subscriptions, the prices of these brunches remain steadily high. The discount that we get has actually gone down significantly. Some of the restaurants that we used to regularly visit earlier cannot be seen in the Entertainer anymore."

"Besides, due to Covid-19 and inflation, the offerings are not as grand as it used to be. Anything that was Dh300-350 has easily become Dh500, and the quantity has also been reduced."

32-year-old Egyptian expat Youstina Youssef, says, "My husband and I are morning people. So, we love going out for breakfast on weekends. But I think over the years, breakfast in the city has become really expensive as compared to what it was earlier."

"Generally speaking, the city is experiencing inflation, and everything has been impacted. Breakfast and brunches at a few places still continue to be quite wide-ranging and plentiful, but most places have certainly cut back. I feel that's both because of Covid-19 and inflation. Somehow, I don't feel spoilt for choice anymore, something that I always felt earlier."


Another Dubai expat Arijit Nandi says, "Our number of outings for brunches have certainly reduced over the last few years. Earlier my family would regularly go out for breakfast and brunches. Covid, coupled with the price hike, are the two major factors that have led to the change."

"At many hotels, when you go for the buffet, the spread is not as grand as it used to be... the array of international treats that I used to see earlier is not the same. Besides, inflation, needless to say, acts as a major deterrent as the prices of almost everything has gone up, including the luxuries of fine dining or eating out."

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