UAE: Man ordered to pay girlfriend Dh38,000 after refusing to pay loan she took for him

The woman said she repeatedly asked the young man to pay the monthly instalments as agreed, but he refused; this prompted her to drag him to court


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Wed 8 Feb 2023, 12:56 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Feb 2023, 2:00 PM

A young man in Al Ain has been instructed to pay Dh38,000 to his girlfriend. The woman had obtained the cash from the bank in form of a personal loan and gave it to the man, but he refused to pay the monthly instalments as per their agreement.

Official court documents that the Arab woman filed a lawsuit against the man, who was also her boyfriend, demanding that he pays her Dh80,300 she lgave him after taking the money from the bank. She also demanded Dh15,000 in compensation for the moral and financial damages she suffered.

The woman said in her lawsuit that she had was in a relationship with the defendant and asked her to get a Dh75,000 loan for him from the bank because he had some financial issues.

She said the man signed an agreement in which he committed himself to pay the cash in monthly instalments of Dh1800 within a period of four years. He however paid only Dh36,000 in monthly instalments and stopped. The rest of the money, including the interest on the loan, had to be cleared by the woman.

The woman said the man had continued to borrow from her simple loans totalling to Dh41,000, which she still obtained from the bank using her credit card. She also attached copies of bank statements showing bank transfers to support her claims.

The woman said she repeatedly asked the young man to pay the monthly instalments as agreed, but he refused. This prompted her to drag him to court.

During the court hearings, the defendant submitted a memorandum in which he insisted that the case be dismissed because it was filed prematurely. He argued that the agreement on which the plaintiff based on to sue him for non-payment shows that he was to pay the woman Dh80,300 over a period of four years, ending in November 2023. He stressed that the agreed period had not yet expired.

The woman however also submitted a counter memorandum showing that the defendant failed to commit to his obligation of paying the monthly installments for several months, which caused her financial damages as she had to clear the bank loan through deductions from her salary to avoid defaulting.

After hearing from both parties, the Al Ain Court of First Instance issued a ruling ordering the young man to pay Dh38,000, the balance of the Dh75,000 she took from the bank on his behalf.

The man was also told to pay another Dh5,000 to the woman in compensation for the material damages.


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