Dubai: 4 accused get six months in jail, to be deported for detaining man, demanding Dh800

The victim had borrowed the money from his friend who called him to her place and refused to let him leave until he handed over the amount


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Mon 23 Jan 2023, 7:49 AM

Two African women and two men of the same nationality were referred to the Criminal Court by Dubai Public Prosecution for detaining a person in an apartment in the emirate.

Last August, an African filed a report saying that his friend had been detained in an apartment and that he had received a call from him asking him to deliver Dh800 at a separate location.

He added that he went to the location and met one of the convicts, who had asked for the money in exchange of his friend. On meeting the accused, the man declared that he did not have the amount and rushed towards the apartment where the victim was being held. He then informed the police.

A team of investigators then arrived to the location, where they found the complainant who informed them of the apartment's location. The police then found the victim and arrested the convicts.

The victim stated that one of the two accused women (his friend) had asked him to come to her residence. She then proceeded to ask him for the money he borrowed. However, he told her that he did not have money, which is when her friends held him and they called the complainant to bring the amount. The complainant was told that he would have to give the amount in order to free his friend.

During investigations, the convict said that the victim had borrowed the amount from her and did not respond to her when she asked for it back. So, she called him over and detained him with the help of her friends.

The Court condemned them and sentenced the convicted to six months in prison. They will be deported after they serve their sentence.


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