Woman’s cockroach fear raises terror alarm in Tel Aviv café; 2 injured in chaos

Police rush to the site after customers run in fear after the false alarm

By Web Desk

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Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

Published: Mon 29 May 2023, 9:13 PM

A woman’s loud scream in a Tel Aviv eatery caused fear of a terror attack, resulting in a chaos that injured two people, local media reported.

According to Times of Israel, a woman started screaming while she was eating in a café and it created panic among the customers there and in an adjoining shop. People started to run in fear of a terror attack, pushing and overturning chairs and tables.

In the stampede, two people received minor injuries from broken glass, the report said. Police rushed to the place after the panic, to find out the cause of the chaos; the cockroach.

In her panic, the woman had overturned the table and raised fears of an attack, said a customer at the eatery.


“It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me,” the report quoted an eyewitness.

People started screaming and running and trampling each other. A lot of glasses shattered on the way, and people fell on the glass and got cut, the report quoted another eyewitness.

Another local media report said a pregnant woman had to rush to an emergency clinic to check that her pregnancy was unharmed.

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