Enjoy your Iftar with Al Rawabi!

Filed on April 27, 2021 | Last updated on April 29, 2021 at 08.46 am

For more than 30 years, Al Rawabi brings fresh, delicious, and nutritious dairy and juice products to your table. Our farm is located in the heart of Dubai's desert in Al Khawaneej, and today we proudly count over 17,000 cows.

From the beginning, we strongly believe in the power of nature, and everything we do is customer-centric. As one of the country's leading Dairy & Juice companies, we continue to promote a healthy lifestyle through superior dairy, fresh juices, functional foods, and food products.

Our tagline is the "Nation's Health", and our mission - by offering high-quality products that help with the rising deficiencies in the region - is to contribute to people having a healthy and happy lifestyle, which - in return - makes them productive members of society.

Al Rawabi products are an excellent way to enrich your Iftar meal. Our healthy Ramadan products include revitalizing refreshing Laban, healthy Yogurt, delicious Breakfast fresh cream, the revitalizing Laban drink Rawabi Up, and an exotic range of Fresh Juices and Freshly Squeezed Cold-Pressed Juices.

The highest quality probiotics in Al Rawabi Laban will improve your digestion while you and your loved ones enjoy the full taste of natural revitalization - in every sip.

Fresh and tasteful Yogurt is full of healthy probiotic culture, which improves the digestion system and the body's vitality.

Al Rawabi Breakfast Cream is a nutritious and delicious cream packed with protein. It is a healthy option that is light yet flavorful and made fresh from domestic fresh milk.

Fresh Rawabi Up Laban is produced from fresh cow's milk, probiotic culture, and pure water. It helps in regulating digestion naturally.

Our juices come in a wide variety of flavors made from fresh ingredients sourced from around the world. The Al Rawabi range includes "No sugar added", "Reduced Sugar" and "Unique Refreshing" blends. Choose from the quintessential Orange, exotic Mixed Berry, tropical Mango, refreshing Mint Lemonade, traditional Pomegranate, and many more.

The latest addition to our juice range is Al Rawabi freshly squeezed - cold-pressed juices, made from 100% natural fruits to complement your healthy lifestyle. Keeping your mind and body fresh, clean, and healthy.

Ramadan being a month of generosity, blessing, and togetherness, we wish each one a healthy, happy, and rewarding time.

Enjoy your Iftar with Al Rawabi. From our family to yours. Ramadan Kareem.

This content comes from KT Engage, the brand marketing unit of Khaleej Times.