Dubai real estate job ad sparks fury over dating strategy requirement

In response to the public outcry, the controversial ad has been removed


Mazhar Farooqui

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Image used for illustrative purpose. Photo: File
Image used for illustrative purpose. Photo: File

Published: Sat 16 Dec 2023, 7:50 PM

Last updated: Sun 17 Dec 2023, 8:20 PM

An advertisement for a female real estate position in Dubai, requiring candidates to 'strategically leverage dating apps to identify and connect with potential clients,' has sparked widespread backlash.

Critics from various sectors, notably within real estate, have deemed the ad disrespectful and demeaning.

Hosted by Naukri Gulf on behalf of a real estate company, the posting specified that the ideal candidate should be a woman of any nationality with "proven experience using dating apps professionally or personally." The outlined job description included roles such as "strategically utilising dating apps to connect with potential clients" and "implementing ethical and creative approaches to introduce the company's services within the dating app community."

The controversial ad faced significant criticism, particularly from female real estate agents who play a substantial role in the industry.

Sofia Stavrakoglou, a luxury investment portfolio manager at Elysian, condemned the company's directive, deeming it "pathetic and repulsive" while emphasising the need for ethical practices in the industry.

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"I firmly believe that reputable companies with a long history on the market would never engage in such tactics," said Sofia. "New brokers should seek opportunities with organisations that prioritise ethical and respectful methods of connecting with their target audience. This is a career in which some of us have built our reputations, not despicable trade in the name of sales."

Nesrine Belaid of Dacha Real Estate expressed concern, highlighting that such lead generation methods not only disrespect the agents involved but also cast a negative light on other female realtors in the market.

The controversy heightened as angry comments flooded social media following the viral spread of screenshots of the advertisement.

Here’s one screengrab from a Reddit thread:

In response to the public outcry, the controversial ad has been removed.

Khaleej Times reached out to Naukri Gulf, which acknowledged that the ad was on their website but remained unable to explain how it was initially published.

KT’s attempts to seek clarification through emails have gone unanswered. The company's Dubai representative mentioned directing the query to their head office in India, but, as of now, no response has been received despite repeated reminders.


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