UAE: Maid on trial for stealing, wearing employer's clothes and posting on social media

Housemaid accepted wearing the outfits without permission but denied stealing valuables


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Photo: File
Photo: File

Published: Tue 30 Nov 2021, 3:15 PM

A 32-year-old African national maid stands trial at the Sharjah Misdemeanour Court accused of stealing a gold bracelet from her employer's house.

The employer also accused the maid of violating her privacy, wearing her clothes, accessories, and then posting pictures on social media.

The investigation report of the Public Prosecution indicates that the accused has been working for a family for three years.

The employer one day realised that her gold bracelet was missing and asked her housemaid, who denied any knowledge of its whereabouts.

The employer's suspected her maid of stealing, which prompted her to search the maid's belongings.


When the complainant confronted the accused about the stolen item found inside her bag, she denied it and expressed surprise about the accusation of theft against her.

The complainant took the maid's phone to review the contents. She found pictures of her maid wearing her clothes and jewellery and posting them on social media platforms among her family and friends' group.

The maid admitted to the complainant that she had taken these pictures to show them to her friend and family back home.

She said that she was taking advantage of the complainant's absence from the house and would try her clothes and jewellery. She would send the pictures to her family, friends and to her boyfriend in order to show them the standard of living that she enjoys.

The accused, who appeared before the Sharjah Misdemeanour Court, denied the accusation of theft but confirmed taking the pictures with not intention of violating the privacy of the owners of the house, she only wanted to keep them for memory.

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