Dubai: Maid jailed for practising witchcraft to control her employer

The victim experienced mental, physical fatigue and heard strange murmurs in the middle of the night


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Mon 11 Apr 2022, 10:39 AM

A 25-year-old Asian domestic worker has been sentenced to a month in prison by the Misdemeanors Court on charges of practising witchcraft and sorcery against her employer.

According to the investigation details, the employer said she was experiencing mental and physical fatigue and suspected her maid was practising black magic to harm her.

The victim had some doubts about the accused after she noticed some strange behaviour and heard strange murmurs in the middle of the night when she was in the bathroom.

When the employer confronted the maid, she denied having cast any spells. After searching the maid's phone, the victim found that the maid was communicating with a stranger to perform magic.

The employer also found pictures of witchcraft, voodoo, and a piece of cloth with blood hidden in the maid's room.

During the interrogation, the maid admitted that she had contacted one of her relatives to communicate with a 'religious man'.

The man reportedly told her to pay Dh200 in exchange for praying on her behalf so that her employer would treat her well and not pressurise her to work.

The relative then sent her a picture of the doll on WhatsApp and asked the maid to keep it on her phone, insisting that it would control her employer's behaviour.


When asked about the voodoo found in her possession, she said that she had brought it from her village to protect her husband, as it prevents him from marrying another woman while she is away from her country.

The domestic worker was referred to the Misdemeanors Court, and the court ruled that the accused be imprisoned for a month and deported from the country after the prison term.

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