Covid-19: UAE following distinguished model of precautionary measures

Medical teams in the country are working around the clock to monitor the pandemic

By Wam

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Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, government spokesperson. – Wam
Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, government spokesperson. – Wam

Published: Tue 21 Dec 2021, 11:23 PM

Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, official spokesperson of the Health Sector, has said that the UAE is following a distinguished model of precautionary measures to contain Covid-19 and its variants, by developing efficient testing protocols in line with the directives of the UAE’s leadership aimed at ensuring public health and safety.

During the UAE Government media briefing on the pandemic, Al Ghaithi stressed that the UAE is a leading country in setting an example to contain the pandemic and adopt the best-related practices.


Various sectors played a significant role in addressing the crisis. They all worked as one team to achieve a common goal, ensuring the community’s health and safety.

The country has reinforced its use of artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce infections and analyse information, to assist medical and nursing personnel in monitoring patients, she added.

"In light of the surge in infection rates in the country compared to previous weeks and months, we stress that the health and medical situation in all the country’s hospitals are stable. More than 55 per cent of the hospital and ICU beds are empty, and the Covid-19 bed occupancy rate is below 3 per cent," Al Ghaithi explained.

She also stressed the UAE has managed to monitor Covid-19 variants and implemented appropriate plans to address them, harness all available resources to contain them, and establish plans and programmes based on scientific data communicated by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

She affirmed that medical teams in the country are working around the clock to monitor the pandemic, and all national sectors are cooperating with the health sector to analyse the local and international situations regarding the pandemic continually.

Al Ghaithi also noted the country has tightened the preventive measures, including imposing restrictions on passengers travelling to the UAE from countries witnessing a surge in infections and the emergence of variants, and the mandatory use of the green pass system on the Al Hosn application.

She then added that 100 per cent of the population received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 91.50 percent are fully vaccinated.

"Today, the country’s vaccination rate is getting higher, which will ensure the collective immunity of the community and supports the country’s recovery efforts," she said.

Al Ghaithi thanked the entire community for taking the vaccine, lauding their key role in establishing sustainable collective immunity and the work of frontline defenders in addressing the pandemic.

She also stressed that taking the booster shot is the key to obtaining the necessary antibodies to counter variants.

She then explained that the booster shot is a major factor in protecting public health and the community’s safety and plays a crucial role in boosting collective immunity, especially during the current conditions.

"Studies have shown vaccines and booster doses significantly contribute to reducing the disease’s effects and play a major role in countering variants," she stated.

She urged all individuals aged 18 or over who are eligible to take the vaccine to head to the nearest vaccination centre and take the booster shot six months after taking the second dose of the vaccine.

Al Ghaithi said the health sector, in cooperation and coordination with its partners, is closely monitoring the pandemic in countries witnessing the emergence of variants, so those wishing to travel must monitor all information related to these countries.

Being vaccinated does not exempt people from adhering to the precautionary measures, such as wearing face masks, sanitising and keeping a safe physical distance, she added.

At the end of the briefing, Al Ghaithi urged the entire community to cooperate with the national efforts and adhere to precautionary measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, by wearing face masks, regularly sanitising and avoiding crowded areas.

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