10 countries that have condemned burning of Holy Quran

Here is a list of countries that have condemned the desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden and Denmark

By Agencies

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Photo AP
Photo AP

Published: Mon 24 Jul 2023, 12:44 PM

Last updated: Mon 24 Jul 2023, 8:56 PM

The desecration of the Holy Quran at multiple places in Europe has taken the world by storm.

Last week, an Iraqi immigrant to Sweden burned the holy Quran outside a Stockholm mosque, causing outrage in the Muslim world and condemnation from the Pope. Later, in Denmark, a man set fire to a book purported to be the holy Quran on a square across from the Iraqi Embassy in Copenhagen.

The event was livestreamed on the Facebook platform of a group that calls itself "Danish Patriots". The video shows the book burning in a tin foil tray next to the Iraqi flag on the ground, with two onlookers standing and talking next to it.

Countries across the globe have condemned the burning of the holy book. Here are 10 of them:

1. UAE

The UAE has strongly condemned the burning of a copy of the holy Quran by extremists in the Kingdom of Denmark. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Danish government to take responsibility to stop these actions.

Earlier, UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to the UAE, Liselott Andersson, to express the UAE's strong protest and condemnation of the Swedish government allowing extremists to burn copies of the Holy Quran in the capital, Stockholm.

2. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, home to Islam's holiest sites, handed the Swedish charge d'affaires "a protest note that includes the kingdom's request to the Swedish authorities to take all immediate and necessary measures to stop these disgraceful acts", according to a foreign ministry statement.

3. Iran

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said Sweden's ambassador to Tehran had been called in to censure the permit granted for the protest and to warn Stockholm of the consequences of such actions.

"We strongly condemn the repeated desecration of the holy Quran and Islamic sanctities in Sweden and hold the Swedish government fully responsible for the consequences of inciting the feelings of Muslims around the world," Kanani said.

4. Iraq

Iraq's government condemned the attack. It also retaliated against the protest in Sweden by expelling its ambassador, vowing to sever ties and suspending the operating licence of Swedish telecom giant Ericsson.

5. Lebanon

In Lebanon, the leader of the Hezbollah movement Hassan Nasrallah called for expulsion of the Swedish envoy there and the recall of Lebanon's ambassador to Sweden. "It's the minimum required," he said.

Iranian authorities called for nationwide demonstrations to be held to denounce the "desecration of the holy Quran," according to the state broadcaster.

6. Sweden

Sweden's government condemned the burning of a holy Quran outside Stockholm's main mosque, calling it an "Islamophobic" act, after an international Islamic body called for measures to avoid future burnings.

"The Swedish Government fully understands that the Islamophobic acts committed by individuals at demonstrations in Sweden can be offensive to Muslims. We strongly condemn these acts, which in no way reflect the views of the Swedish government," the foreign ministry said in a statement, while noting that Sweden had a constitutionally protected freedom of expression.

7. Oman

The Sultanate of Oman has condemned the repeated granting of permits and protection by Sweden to extremists to burn and desecrate copies of the Holy Quran. The Omani authorities called on the international community to take a strong stance and criminalise such acts that incite hatred.

8. Denmark

Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen called the event an act of "stupidity" by a few individuals, telling national broadcaster DR: "It is a disgraceful act to insult the religion of others... This applies to the burning of holy Qurans and other religious symbols. It has no other purpose than to provoke and create division," he said. He noted, however, that burning religious books was not a crime in Denmark.

9. Pakistan

Pakistan has strongly condemned both acts of public desecration of the holy Quran. The Foreign Office spokesperson said that permission to carry out premeditated and provocative acts of religious hatred cannot be justified under the guise of freedom of expression, opinion and protest.The spokesperson said that international law categorically obliged states to prevent and prohibit deliberate incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence on the basis of religion or belief.

10. Egypt

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt also condemned the burning of a copy of the holy Quran in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. It described the act as "outrageous", and provoking to the feelings of Muslims worldwide, especially since it was carried out on the first day of Eid Al Adha.


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