Are you as young as you feel?

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Are you as young as you feel?

Published: Fri 13 May 2016, 4:06 PM

Something that really fascinates me is how age has been flattened out. I have a very good friend who's at least 20 years older than I am, and I have at no point felt we are not on the same wavelength. Invariably, there are some ageist Neanderthals who point out I am, apparently, hanging out with someone old enough to be my dad (so, I can't be friends with my dad? Whatever happened to those celebrity-endorsed proclamations, "My dad is my BFF" or "My son is my best buddy"?). I'd asked my friend why most of his 'inner circle' constitutes people much younger than him - which is fine, but how come he's not that into his (same-aged) school friends or college mates as well? Well, he said, because those who are his age are serious "old-timers", totally disconnected from the world around them. whereas he is young. "Remember, you are as young as you feel." So this week, we spoke to those who feel they are actually younger than they are numerically. Also, there's a fair chance the occasional odd-one-out will even say he or she feels older than he/she is. Hear out the mental math about age being a number.
Then, we get face to face with Paul Sohi, who's created the world's first 3D printed performance prosthetic to be used at the Rio Paralympics in September this year; he's 28. Ho Chi Minh City has enthralled tourists with its ability to wear its heart on its sleeve: we do a speed tour, all of 48 hours, but giving you a sense of what modern-day Vietnam's spirit is all about. In Kitchen Classics, cheese dominates, but there's nothing cheesy about that.
All this and much more.
Enjoy reading wknd. and have a great weekend!


Sushmita Bose

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