Eid Al Adha in UAE: Slaughterhouse timings announced in Abu Dhabi

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Photo: File
Photo: File

Published: Mon 3 Jun 2024, 9:44 AM

Last updated: Sat 15 Jun 2024, 11:57 AM

In preparation for the upcoming Eid Al Adha, the slaughterhouses in Abu Dhabi will operate from 6.00am until 5.30pm every day throughout the week, according to Abu Dhabi municipality.

The slaughterhouses in the emirate is open throughout the week for eleven and a half hours, to accommodate the increased demand during the festive season, which is from June 15 until June 18 for private sector, as well as for public sector in Sharjah. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the break will be from June 15 to June 18, with official work resuming on Wednesday, June 19.

To ensure smooth operations during Eid Al Adha, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has expanded the capacity of its slaughterhouses to accommodate approximately 37,000 sacrifices and carcasses.

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Additionally, the municipality reinforced the workforce by increasing the number of butchers, maintenance crews, and personnel responsible for handling the distribution of sacrifices and meats at each slaughterhouse.

The emirate has also equipped the outdoor areas of the slaughterhouses with air-conditioned tents and shaded pathways, in addition to providing chilled drinking water to accommodate the growing numbers of esteemed visitors. This special attention is particularly given to the people of determination and senior citizens who frequent the slaughterhouses.

Various locations

The municipality has also designated Abu Dhabi Automated Slaughterhouse in the Zayed Port area to handle the preparation of sacrifices requested by the Red Crescent and through smart applications. Additionally, Bani Yas Slaughterhouse and Al Wathba Automated Slaughterhouse have been allocated to receive and prepare sacrifices for the esteemed public, while Al Shahama Automated Slaughter has been assigned to receiving and preparing sacrifices from requests made through smart applications as well as those made by the general public.

Also, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has taken steps to increase the number of butchers in all slaughterhouses. In Bani Yas slaughterhouse, there are 150 butchers assigned to process around 13,000 sacrifices and carcasses, while Abu Dhabi Automated Slaughterhouse has 50 butchers to handle approximately 10,000 sacrifices and carcasses. Additionally, Al Shahama Automated Slaughterhouse has 50 butchers responsible for processing around 7,000 sacrifices and carcasses, and Al Wathba Automated Slaughterhouse has 45 butchers to process approximately 7,000 sacrifices and carcasses.

Specialised veterinary medical staff has been provided in each slaughterhouse to examine animals prior to slaughtering. After slaughtering the livestock, the medical staff conduct thorough inspections to ensure that its meat is suitable for human consumption. This is done to guarantee the production of healthy meat that is free from any elements causing illnesses, and to safeguard the health and safety of the community members.

Sacrifice Market

The emirate is implementing the “Sacrifice Market" initiative on June 13 to June next to Al Wathba slaughterhouse. This initiative runs from 7am to 7pm, and aims to regulate the buying and selling of sacrifices.

Convenient applications

Requesting sacrifices is now easy and convenient since the public can now do them through various smartphone applications such as "Zabehaty", "Zabayeh Al Jazeera", " Dhabayeh UAE", and " Halal Mazarana". These applications allow users to choose the type of sacrifice, its category, weight, cutting preferences, and the desired delivery location.

However, Abu Dhabi City Municipality kindly urges the public to refrain from slaughtering their sacrifices outside the approved slaughterhouses. Doing so is considered a violation punishable under Law No. (2) of 2012 concerning the Maintenance of the General Appearance, Health and Public Tranquility in the in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. To control this from phenomena, Inspection Directorate teams in the municipality's sub-centres receive reports, follow up on them, and impose fines on violators.


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