Dubai: Delivery rider from viral video recalls how he removed road barrier from busy roundabout

He had forgotten all about it until people started recognising and congratulating him for his action


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Sun 13 Aug 2023, 2:11 PM

The Pakistani rider who gained widespread attention on social media for his commendable actions said removing the road barrier from a busy roundabout was an 'instinctive move'.

In an interview with Khaleej Times, he hailed the UAE authorities for recognizing good Samaritans and shared what transpired.

“It felt incredible. Having a senior member of the government personally come to express gratitude and meet me was an amazing experience,” said the Deliveroo rider.

Sarwar points out that looking out for one another is a duty everyone shares. He said it’s essential that people take initiatives and support the community whenever the opportunity arises. “Let’s help each other out when we can. It's our responsibility to care for each other. We must step up and help our community whenever we have the chance,” he added.

Recognising his selfless action, no less than the UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) took notice of his act of kindness. Mohre then appreciated the Deliveroo rider’s 'good work' on the microblogging platform X (Twitter).

“I feel like the acknowledgment of my actions and the respect I received from the authorities were more valuable than any gift. Even years from now, I'll proudly recall the respect that I received from the authorities for this,” said a delighted Sarwar, while expressing his gratitude for being felicitated.

He didn’t think much of his actions, only wanted everyone to be safe.

Explaining what encountered, Sarwar said last week upon noticing a road barrier obstructing a bustling roundabout, he promptly parked his vehicle, lifted the barrier, and relocated it to the roadside. He didn't think much of it — until a video of him went viral.

“My initial instinct was to ensure my own safety. I applied the brakes, parked my bike at the side of the road, and cleared the road to prevent any harm to other people who might pass by. My main aim here was to ensure that the cars behind me don’t face an accident because of this barricade,” said the expat, who has been in the UAE for the past 12 years.

While the 34-year-old was oblivious to the fact that he was being filmed, he admits that this recognition has transformed things for him, though he nearly let this incident slip from his memory.

He is pleased that someone recorded his actions on video.

“It was quite a surprise. I was walking to collect an order and my friend who was there as well recognized my gait from the video and came up to me and asked me about it. I had almost forgotten about this. I was taken by surprise and happy that someone had captured my actions on video. Everyone is congratulating me, and the recognition feels really good. It's so good to be acknowledged for doing this small act of kindness,” he added.

Meanwhile, he said that one of social media’s most impactful aspects is the ability to bring people’s achievements to the forefront like never before.

“Around five years ago, before social media was so common, such recognition was not possible because even if people did such acts, the government would not know about them through videos.

“Nowadays, with social media, authorities are more likely to come across such actions and acknowledge people's efforts and even grant awards. Social media platforms helped spotlight my actions and made the government reach out to Deliveroo who then put their efforts into locating me. My company also played a significant role in helping me get this recognition,” he added.


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