Dubai: Teen runs away from home after parents’ divorce, found begging near mosque

The child ran away from home after his parents went through a divorce and his father remarried


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Published: Sun 31 Mar 2024, 12:40 PM

Last updated: Sun 31 Mar 2024, 10:32 PM

A 14-year-old boy was found begging near a mosque after he ran away from home.

The runaway teen had disagreements with his family, after his parents divorced and his father married another woman. The boy has since been reunited with his family.

In a statement issued Sunday, the police said a concerned resident informed the police about the boy begging near a mosque. On receiving the report, Dubai Police found and took the child off the street.

Brigadier Ali Salem Al Shamsi, a director with the General Department of Criminal Investigations, said: "Swift action was taken to approach and support the child, and his story was attentively heard. It became apparent that the child had resorted to begging as a result of intense family disputes stemming from the divorce and his father's remarriage, which compelled him to flee the house and take to the streets for assistance."

It was not immediately clear how long the boy remained away from home or where he stayed. The police did not disclose the family’s nationality either.

The police said they contacted the boy’s family. They then agreed with the parents that the child would live with his mother. “This decision opens the door to a fresh beginning in the child's life, filled with hope and positive prospects,” said the officer.

Brig Al Shamsi appealed to parents to ensure their children's well-being. He stressed the significance of resolving familial conflicts away from their presence.

The officer also urged residents to not sympathise with beggars or give them money. The police have arrested 202 beggars in the first two weeks of Ramadan, as part of a campaign. Most of the violators came to the UAE on visit visas to make to make a quick buck by taking advantage of people’s generosity during the holy month.

Brig. Al Shamsi said beggars scheme to manipulate people's emotions, with methods often involving “fabricated stories and deceptive tactics commonly employed near mosques, clinics, hospitals, markets, and streets”.

He advised residents to report suspicious people to the police.


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