Barbie fever in UAE: Fans watch movie for second time with friends, family

Some moviegoers watched the film in other countries before catching it again in the Emirates


Nasreen Abdulla

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Published: Thu 10 Aug 2023, 5:09 PM

Last updated: Thu 10 Aug 2023, 6:23 PM

For Dubai visitor Anneliese, the release of the Barbie movie was a perfect “girls' day out” with her cousin Chloe, despite having watched the movie previously. “I watched the film in Sri Lanka last week when I was visiting there,” she told Khaleej Times, while waiting to get snacks at the theatre in Mall of the Emirates. “But when I came here to visit Chloe and heard that it was releasing here, I knew that I had to watch it again with her.”

Chloe and Anneliese
Chloe and Anneliese

According to the university student, she feels like the movie has brought together a community of women. “When I went to the malls in Sri Lanka, there were men and women all dressed in pink,” she said. “And people were nodding at each other and smiling. Many of my friends in Ireland said the same thing. I have seen this sort of Barbie bond here too. It feels like the movie has transcended boundaries and brought people together.”

Chloe, who is in school, said that she is excited to watch the movie with her cousin. “Anneliese says I will love it,” she said. “So, I am really excited. Also, I am sure that Margot Robbie will break all stereotypes and hit it out of the park. I love her and I think it is going to be a great movie.”

English all the way

For Brazilian Val as well it was the second time around to watch the movie. “I watched the movie while I was vacationing in Brazil,” she said. “However, it was in Spanish, and I felt like the translation didn’t do justice to it. So, when it released in Dubai, I knew I wanted to watch it again.”

Dressed in a sparkling miniskirt, Val looked every bit the Barbie doll. She was at the theater with her parents, Maria and Murilo. “I made them take out all the pink clothes they had so that we could get into the mood for it.”

Val said she was looking forward to watching the English version. “I loved the themes of the movie and I want to see it portrayed and conveyed in English,” she said. “I am also excited to watch it with my parents. I think they will love it.”

Friends forever

For school student Wendy, it was a chance to watch the movie with her friends that prompted her to come back to the theatre on the opening day. “I watched the movie when I was in Philippines last month,” she said. “But when I heard that it was releasing here, I wanted to come watch it with my friends. So, we all booked together.”

Her friend Nicha said she had shopped especially for the outing. “I didn’t really have anything pink, so I shopped to make sure I looked the part,” she said.


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