Fed up with 'childish' husband, woman seeks divorce

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Photo: Alamy
Photo: Alamy

Cairo - They were married for all of five months.

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Published: Sun 27 Jun 2021, 2:12 AM

An Egyptian woman's Facebook post, in which she sought divorce from her husband after just five months of marriage, has gone viral.

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Revealing the reason for her decision, the young wife said she was unable to cope with her husband’s childish behaviour anymore.


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"I have been married for 5 months," she said. "My husband turned to be a child. I can't stand living with him."

It was all in the little things, according to the woman's post.

"When I am cooking, he tells me, 'Oh, your movements, uncle Hassan' [a famous chef in Egypt] and when he likes the food, he starts clapping hands,” she complained.

“When he comes from work, he brings chips, Pepsi, chocolates and crackers every day, and sits watching cartoons and anime films at night..." she continued. "He does not use the key or ring the doorbell; instead, he starts drumming on the door. I feel like I'm married to a child, and I am sick of it and want divorce.”


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The young woman's post garnered much attention online. However, according to Al Bayan, a fair bit of the attention it received was negative.

Several women gave the young wife flak over the post, commenting that they would have loved to marry someone like her husband.

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