UAE: This noise-cancellation workpod allows you to work from anywhere

Dubai - Dubai will be the first city in the world to offer work from home office, says MAK, the man behind the new-age office workstations aka office on wheels or BOOSTPOD


Purva Grover

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Published: Thu 25 Nov 2021, 5:52 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Nov 2021, 7:05 PM

The way we worked once upon a time, no longer exists. The world’s divided between what is better for us, WFH or WFO. And we’ve all taken sides, but what if there was a middle path to adopt? Well, that’s what we discovered at the recently concluded Dubai Design Week, where we came across BOOSTPOD, claiming to be the next generation of office workstations i.e. WFH 2.0, with a noise-cancellation design offering you the freedom to work from anywhere in style. In other words, it is a post-Covid-19 urban device that aspires to redefine the work-life balance and integrity; and with its use, the city will become your office and how. We learn more in a conversation with Marwan Amr, who is known in the fraternity as MAK.

How and when did he come up with the idea? “In January 2021, I was working at one of the cafes in Dubai and I had to attend a Zoom meeting. I realised I couldn’t do so at the space for the privacy factor and also because I didn’t wish to disturb those around me. So, I decided to act,” says MAK, who is also the founder and design principle, KDSV, a practice based in Dubai Design District. He then came up with the initial idea to create a movable workstation/pod in vibrant colour and suitable shape to work as an activity generator. “Then, I questioned myself, is that enough? Then a revolutionary development happened when I was walking in the Dubai Marina area and saw a father riding his bicycle with his young son sitting on the back — and it instantly inspired me,” he recalls. MAK then took the movable pod concept to a way more flexible platform as a lifestyle product by attaching a bicycle to the movable pod, to let the public work from anywhere anytime. “As if your work pod/business is your child that you watch him/her grow, at this point, BOOSTPOD was born to offer a green footprint and a real translation to a work-life integrity lifestyle.”

MAK, who has 11 years of experience as an architect, presented the concept at Dubai Design Week this November at the Underscore Exhibition by IN5. “Ideas usually go through phases. At first, I felt this is a brilliant innovation, then I had some doubts about it. I continued to observe people’s behaviour and how the world was changing to find answers. After conducting many surveys, I figured out that BOOSTPOD was a necessity for the post-Covid-19 world.” So, how many of these pods have been created and how would one go about booking them? “The plan is to start with 50 from Dubai and expand as we go to 100s and 1,000s.” Meanwhile, the team is developing the prototype of a real-size pod with the latest technologies in the product design industry and considering aspects like weather, weight, energy, environment, ergonomics, shape, locations, cost, etc. People will be able to book these through a mobile application and also find them on rental stations.

By when and where all in Dubai would we find them? “By mid-2022, you will find the pods across the city at waterfronts, plazas, parks, malls, beaches, etc. and enjoy working anywhere, anytime with a premium view you choose. So, Dubai will be the first city in the world to offer a work from the home office,” he adds. Interestingly, there will be options for companies to book many of these, so they could be used on team building “work-retreat” creating a full office on the beach/park etc.

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