My Dubai Car: 'It serves as my second home'

Rachita Luthra professes her love for the city and her ‘Queen’ Maserati Ghibli

By George Kuruvilla

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Rachieta Luthra with her Maserati Ghibli 2020 in Dubai. Photo: Neeraj Murali/Khaleej Times
Rachieta Luthra with her Maserati Ghibli 2020 in Dubai. Photo: Neeraj Murali/Khaleej Times

Published: Thu 18 Jan 2024, 8:28 PM

The sun always shines in Dubai where people from all walks of life congregate all year round and contribute to this growing economy. And for the many who have touched the magic of success, the city also offers a fantastic venue to own, showcase, and drive the vehicle or vehicles of their choice.

One such individual who has found her niche in the entrepreneurial space is Rachita Luthra. The marketing agency director, who moonlights as a social media star with over 205k followers on Instagram professes her love for the city and ‘Queen’ i.e. her Maserati Ghibli in the latest edition of ‘My Dubai Car’. Here’s what she has to say…

When did you move to Dubai and what do you like most about this city?

Dubai welcomes individuals of all nationalities, offering new opportunities daily. Since relocating here, I've accomplished a great deal, and that's what I appreciate about the city. Its lively atmosphere ensures I never get bored, and despite residing here, it feels like I'm always on vacation—such is the unique lifestyle Dubai provides.

What do you do for work?

During the pandemic, I established my own marketing agency in Dubai and have been fortunate to receive incredible opportunities. Our agency offers comprehensive 360-degree marketing support to various brands. Additionally, I continue to work and create an impact as a social media influencer alongside managing the agency.

What kind of car-related activities do you enjoy?

I find great enjoyment in various car-related activities, particularly exploring scenic drives beyond the city that offer a blend of adventure and relaxation. I also find pleasure in engaging in the many motoring activities Dubai has to offer, like off-roading and go-karting.

What made you purchase your vehicle?

For the past eight years since relocating to Dubai, I've consistently opted for car rentals. It was a deliberate choice until I reached a point of financial stability, allowing me to purchase my own vehicle. I was patient in my decision, avoiding the temptation of cheaper options, and waited until I could afford a luxury car that aligned with my preferences. The car I eventually purchased fits well within my budget, and I appreciate the regal vibes it exudes. Given the nature of my job, which involves daily interactions with various people, a satisfying driving experience is essential, and my Maserati Ghibli fulfills that requirement admirably.

What do you like most about your car and what could be improved?

I am particularly fond of Maserati for its luxurious features and the sense of elegance it brings. My Ghibli’s spacious interior and advanced technology contribute to an overall positive driving experience. However, there is always room for improvement. One aspect that could be enhanced is fuel efficiency, as it tends to be on the lower side.

What does your car mean to you?

Besides being a stylish extension of myself, my car serves as a second home, with several essentials always on hand. It always has a pair of heels, few bags and jackets, and occasionally even outfits, along with basic makeup for daily use. Given the considerable amount of time I spend in it, my car has become a personal space where I keep items that are part of my routine.

If money were no object what car or SUV would you have in your garage? Where would you like to drive it?

If money were no object, the Porsche 911 would undoubtedly be my dream car to own. Its iconic design, powerful performance, and precision engineering make it a symbol of automotive excellence. I envision driving the 911 on the winding roads of the Swiss Alps. But for now, it’s my ‘Queen’, the Maserati Ghibli. She is everything I want and need.

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