Home Decor: 12 luxury interior trends for 2023

Some ways to create a chic and elevated space

By Reenu Mohiindrra

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Published: Thu 15 Jun 2023, 9:48 PM

Incorporating sumptuous materials, textures and rich hues in your living room trends is a great place to start, while art and sculptural features will add colour, pattern and grandeur.

To give your space an injection of luxury, it is all about confidence. This doesn’t mean overcrowding the space with lots of items, as a cluttered home can look unsophisticated.

Here are some tips to follow:

1) Enhance your feature wall with high-end materials

Living room feature walls are here to stay: they add interest to a room and could be especially helpful in a space lacking any natural or architectural features. Another very important job they do is provide a focal point and a sense of direction to the living room.

But if you don’t want to pick up a paintbrush, or want to take your feature wall to the next level, try using a different material, like marble decorating ideas, for an upscale aesthetic.

As green is a trend that’s also here to stay, the marble feature wall above is particularly on-point. ‘The great thing about natural surfaces is that each one is unique and gives people the opportunity to do something different and ultimately have fun..

‘Coordinating colours with the furnishings and accessories will ensure the walls integrate seamlessly into the space but bring that final touch of luxury to a space.’

2) Show some class

Wall panelling ideas can dramatically enhance a living space. Popular in interiors for many years, design lovers are adding this decorative element into their homes to add grandeur to their spaces.

Therefore, it is no surprise to see that they are enjoying a resurgence in many modern properties, to elevate them into more spectacular and grandeur. Panelling also serves as an excellent way to decorate doors, frames, cupboards and shelves.’

3) Bring some play with high-styled printed wallpaper

Wallpaper shows a continued liking for all things nature-related, and printed wallpaper, in tropical, botanical or garden structure finishes, is a stylish way to add interest and drama to a room.

Metallic wallpaper brings your walls to life and is a great choice for rooms with low lighting. Popular wallpaper is reimagined in a larger scale in the living room above, and the dramatic black and gold colourway creates a close, moody elegance that allows the jewel-toned velvet sofas to shine.

4) Bright, energetic colours are making a return

White, clean walls and minimalist tones are still on trend, but there has been an emergence of bright, refreshing splashes of colour to bring some pop back into the home. The interior design palette now includes rich, warm tones that feel earthy, such as warm reds, dusky yellows and even emerald greens.

5) Incorporate a well-placed area rug

An expansive area rug gives a living room a sense of space and drama while also working to ‘zone’ your sofas and coffee table in a stylish manner.

An area rug is a particularly effective living room flooring idea when placed beneath your sofas and side tables to create a bundle-up, luxurious feel under foot. It also offers an easy way to inject colour and pattern into the space.

‘One way of creating a luxurious interior is by implementing statement pieces like sculptural lighting, a bold patterned area rug or a memorable piece of artwork within a quieter, more pared-back scheme.’

6) Dramatic statement textures

Dramatic, colourful marble and stone, and woods with deep veins and contrasting colours top the leaderboard for organic materials in 2023. Acreage properties provide the perfect backdrop for bold, eye-catching designs and textures. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and patterns in your home’s design. You can also make a statement with architectural styling, glamourous feature walls, vibrant wallpaper and colourful splashback tiles.

7) Oversize art living room

Since bare white walls can veer toward ‘sterile’ territory, liven up your room’s ambience with some oversize art. The large piece over the low-slung sectional brings a lived-in, layered effect to the living room. However, the abstract shapes featured offer a hint of modernity.

8) Say hello to era elements

One of the latest interior trend is the use of antique, retro, and repurposed pieces in your home to give your place an era look. Key elements to this theme are the use of strong colours and traditional-style furniture with just a pop of colour. Contrast works well, too.

9) Deep and comfy colours

Even though it is sunny all year round in Dubai, comfy colours can work well in these conditions as well. We expect to see a lot of burnt oranges, deep blues, deep emerald greens coupled with more muted tones like charcoal grey and navy, which can create a lot of depth and cosiness in your space.

10) Significant collections

It’s the objects we fill our homes with that hold the most power to ease our anxieties and reaffirm whatever it is that brings your truest self to your living space.

11) Invest in a day bed

While should not always be trend-driven as a rule, an element I continue to embrace in living rooms is incorporating a daybed into the space. It’s versatile and helps define a seating area without adding heaviness.

12) Cocooning curves

As we continue to find new ways to make our homes even more comfortable, cozy and relaxing, many designers are moving away from harsh and strict straight lines and incorporating more curvaceous, free-flowing forms, across furniture and lighting trend accessories. ‘Curved furniture, especially sofas and armchairs, bringing a welcome softness to living spaces. These will be adorned in light colours and textured fabrics like shades of white and cream, with bouclé remaining a favourite.

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