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By Reenu Mohindra

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Published: Fri 31 Mar 2023, 4:58 PM

If you’re contemplating giving your living room a high-end makeover, making the right design choices can be challenging. After all, what is it that really makes a room look luxurious? Is it replacing your sofa and coffee table with more stylish pieces? Not necessarily. While expensive furniture can elevate the style factor in a room, it doesn’t guarantee a high-end look, nor does it fit everyone’s budget.

When helping a client efficiently revamp their living room, I turn to a couple of tried-and-tested interior design tricks — going big and using luxe finishes — to create high style without overhauling the entire room. Here are eight ideas to give your living room high-end style, along with some tips for getting that luxe look on a budget.

1. Statement Lighting

Whether it’s a table lamp, ceiling light or floor lamp, a lighting source can also be a statement piece. Try adding drama via oversized lampshades, a glamorous gold lamp base or a modern crystal chandelier. A shiny finish or a large size can give a room a high-style focal point. In this space, th brass chandelier and table lamps give a dramatic, glamorous glow to the black-and-yellow palette.

2. Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are the quintessential accessory to add light, the illusion of more space and a shiny, luxe feeling. Try hanging at least one large mirror above a sofa, credenza or showcase feature.

In this neutral living room, a series of simple, large mirrors creates an elegant backdrop to the white sofas. It gives the room an expensive jewel-box feeling without adding too much bling.

3. Oversized Art

When it comes to artwork in the living room, the bigger the canvas or framed art, the more high-end the room will feel. Large artwork creates a gallery look, which appears expensive. In this room, a large canvas with metallic gold paint turns an ordinary white credenza into a showpiece. The contrasting black lamp further enhances the drama of the wall.

4. Large Rugs

A rug that easily fits under all of your essential furniture (sofa, coffee table and any armchair) will make your room feel bigger. This is key when you’re looking to raise the bar on style in a living room. Here the large rug showcases all of the furniture. Its large size helps the eye travel and take in the expanse of the room, including the stylish accent chair and coloured pouf.

5. High, Lush Curtains

Hang window treatments as high as possible on the wall, or even from the ceiling. An elevated placement creates volume and gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, something many luxury living rooms feature.

6. Luxurious Pillows and Throws

Make the small investment in throw pillows and throw blankets made of luxe textiles. Look for fabrics such as silk, metallic linen, velvet and even faux fur. These fabrics not only look and feel expensive, but their textured surfaces will also help create a layered and highly styled look when placed on your existing furniture.

Choose textiles in hues that add a hint of colour and complement your current sofa or armchair. Or make a statement with your glam pillows and add a more dramatic pop of colour.

7. Big, Minimalist Accessories

Add a couple of large decorative accessories in the living room, like a wood sculpture or large vase containing one botanical piece. The oversized piece will create an artful silhouette. Similarly, a minimalist accessory will create a focal point, helping to distract from the less-desirable aspects of the room, like a piece of worn furniture. Here, an artful large sculpture on the coffee table complements the minimalist flower installation on the wall. This stylish display stands out against the brown painted wall, creating a focal point.

8. Glam Accessories

Using a few smaller accessories in luxe materials is a favourite designer trick to give a room a more glamorous feel. Options include coasters, trays and candlesticks, ideally in high-end finishes such as gold, marble, crystal or mirror — pretty much any small accent with a shiny surface. These subtle luxurious details make the room read expensive and give it a jewel-box feeling. Strategically place your glittery pieces on prominent surfaces in the room, such as a coffee table or mantel, so they will draw the eye when you enter the room.

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