9 trendy bedroom decor ideas for teenage girls

Living the teenage dream

By Reenu Mohiindrra

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Published: Fri 28 Jul 2023, 2:58 PM

Discovering a bedroom theme that incorporates contemporary elements without being too neutral and uninspiring can be challenging. In reality, it’s often simple — with the appropriate decorations, you can create an ideal teenage room that perfectly reflects a girl’s personality and interests. Use the following ideas as inspiration for revamping your teen’s bedroom:

1.Choose a palette that grows with them

When considering kids’ bedroom ideas, it’s important to think ahead — what your child likes, wants, and needs now will likely change in the coming years. If you’re designing for a young teenage girl or tween, opt for features that can adapt and evolve with her. While selecting a versatile and sophisticated colour scheme is the easiest way to achieve this, incorporating a twilight jungle mural in this bedroom adds a touch of fun for younger kids while maintaining a mature aesthetic that will last into adulthood.

2. Bohemian-inspired scheme

To achieve a stylish bohemian vibe in your teen’s bedroom, texture is key. Add a woven wall hanging, a chunky knit blanket, and a handmade plant hanger to take inspiration from this room. Don’t go overboard with the colour theme; keep it minimal with whites and a few subtle tones.

3.Statement headboard with fairy lights

This bedroom exudes cosiness, thanks to its oversized cushioned headboard, which also serves as a photo board to display memories from one’s teenage years.

4. Incorporate textural layers for a sophisticated look

Give your teenage girl’s bedroom an earthy and grounded aesthetic with a calming colour palette. While white and beige are often associated with gender-neutral nursery ideas, these muted shades work equally well in teenage bedrooms. For an older teen who desires a more sophisticated scheme, you can introduce beautiful textures like a plush sheepskin-topped chair, a cosy blanket for the bed, and subtly patterned geometric drapes. Keeping the colour scheme predominantly white with neutral accents adds visual warmth.

5. Stylish hanging chair

Creating a space to unwind is essential, so why not opt for a stylish vintage hanging chair? Alternatively, you can choose a daybed, which serves as the perfect spot to hang out with friends.

6. Minimalistic bedroom style

Embrace a boutique hotel-inspired style that your adolescents will love for years by investing in a striking bed, trendy artwork, pendant lighting, and chic seating. Of course, involve them in selecting the colour scheme.

7. Encourage their involvement

A great starting point for decorating your teens’ dream room is to encourage them to choose colours, wallpaper, textures, accents, and themes. Help them express their unique personalities through lighting, wallpaper, furniture, and items that create their ideal space for relaxation and chilling out.

8. Harmonise with consistent tones

In this bedroom design, sophisticated fabrics such as a cosy blanket, velvet seat padding, neutral-tone pillows, silk drapes, and classic wooden furniture are used. The built-in wardrobe doors are even upholstered with textured fabric, giving the space a refined and mature appearance.

9 . Colourful and functional dressing

In this inviting sanctuary, white wall paint pairs stylishly with white furniture, vibrant bedding, and furnishings. For an appealing and practical design, consider mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall to blend seamlessly with the theme.

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