Home Decor: 12 easy ways to add a touch of luxury to your home

Here are some ideas to consider

By Reenu Mohiindrra

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Published: Thu 4 May 2023, 3:32 PM

Adding a touch of luxury to home furnishings can enable you to create a space that feels comfortable, elegant, and personal. By incorporating high-quality materials and statement pieces, and unique touches, you can create a space that feels both luxurious and welcoming.

1. Using the white surrounding for a more welcoming ambiance with the oatmeal and beige wood finishes. An in and out design that allows natural plants to become the main décor and feature.

2. Loving the harmonious meld of masterful embroidery art, paintings, and captivating colours in this cosy museum of art that showcases contemporary elegance with semi-classical furniture and a wonderful balance of neutrals and strong colours.

3. A gorgeous combination of white and gold, the high-end living room loft tops it off with a stunning chandelier. Like golden raindrops falling from the sky, it adds opulence to the room.

4. When you’ve got luxury written all over a space, the next best thing to do is to add feature walls for the eyes.

5. ‘Orange is the new black’ and we couldn’t agree more. The tangerine hues pump up the space while settling it into a moody yet optimistic atmosphere.

6. To showcase the wall gallery collection, the adjacent spaces utilise an elegant glass wall. Not only does it provide an interesting interior décor, it allows light and visual space to pass through, making the interior seem more spacious.

7. Greys and beige are the most loved neutrals in interiors and stretched out in this spacious lounge area is a convergence of the shades of them. One would enjoy hanging out for hours in this comfy zone while enjoying the bespoke creativity.

8. Nothing beats natural light, and to capture the energising illumination, sheen and white are used in this modern kitchen. The marble finish says it all, a purely deluxe culinary and dining space.

9. Sometimes it takes just a brilliantly crafted statement furniture to bring your interiors into a whole new level of luxury. A modern take to your antler chair, the interesting design shows off a whiplash profile, organic yet controlled.

10. Bringing in the outside indoors means allowing the positive energy of nature through the space and this open space plan welcomes that positive vigour flow through. And in this theme, organic elements are utilised. The series of wood slats soaring high across the ceiling are like trees that add dimension and focal point to the interior.

11. An expansive space offers limitless design possibilities and the designer chose to showcase the gorgeous staircase by highlighting its space through a series of golden grills enveloping the stairwell. To balance the area, statement pieces grace the floors, such as the intriguing glass chair that seems animated and alive.

12. A contemporary classic, this luxury dining room showcases a symmetrical theme, beautifully illuminated with the pouring natural light and an eye-catching crystal lighting fixture. To soften the look, curved down seats anchor the space.


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