Expo 2020 Dubai: UAE triplets visit all 192 country pavilions

Mahra, Mihir and Mayank travelled all the way from Abu Dhabi to visit the Mega event


Nandini Sircar

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Mahra, Mihir and Mayank Narayan at Expo 2020 Dubai. Photo: Supplied
Mahra, Mihir and Mayank Narayan at Expo 2020 Dubai. Photo: Supplied

Published: Tue 14 Dec 2021, 6:50 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Dec 2021, 7:10 PM

Mahra, Mihir and Mayank have set a unique record of sorts by being the only triplets to have visited all country pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Anukul Narayan, who was on annual leave last month, and his wife, made sure that their three five-year olds -- a daughter and two sons — made the most of this once-in-a lifetime experience at the mega fair by seeing all that the world has to offer.

Anukul says, “My children have an interest in flags and can identify the UAE flag, Indian flag, and other countries’ flags. My wife would help them draw different country flags and soon they began identifying flags of countries that less heard of. So, I decided to get an Expo pass and during November we visited the world fair five times to finish seeing all the pavilions.

“The first pavilion we visited was Brunei. The staff at that pavilion said my kids were the first triplets to have visited their pavilion.

"They clicked pictures of my kids and posted it on their official Expo page on Instagram. This got my children excited, and we began visiting the pavilions one by one.”

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied


The Indian family who travelled all the way from Abu Dhabi started with the Opportunity District, followe by the Sustainability and Mobility district.

“Finally, we visited the Jubilee Stage and Al Forsan Park. My children loved all the pavilions, but found Germany and Singapore particularly striking, with Brunei being the most memorable because of the importance they got there.”

Many of the pavilions also handed the little ones miniature country flags that has now become a apart of their memorabilia, Narayan told Khaleej Times.

However, despite visiting all 192 pavilions, the kids had one regret, “They have a water feature in the Brazil pavilion. My children couldn’t get into the water as they had not carried extra clothes - that was their their only cause for disappointment.”

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