Hair resolutions for 2022: Top haircare tips

It’s not too late to resolve, especially when it comes to hair resolutions. We’ve got your mane covered


Purva Grover

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Published: Thu 24 Feb 2022, 8:54 PM

Overuse of heating tools, experimenting with colours, dealing with pandemic stress, et al. All these and more have taken a toll on our mane. What are the hair care resolutions you can make in 2022 and how can one stick to them? No, it is never too late to resolve to make tiny changes in our hair regimes from not mixing different brands of shampoos and conditioners to giving hair masks a try.

Experts suggest, we don’t ditch certain resolves in the coming months, we’re listening, and you? With over 20 salons in the most sought-after locations worldwide, Rossano Ferretti is the beauty industry’s leading name in hair care, and he has always held the belief that individuals do not need to wait until the start of a New Year to make hair care resolutions, “As we age, our hair changes naturally and so we need to take care of how we look after it too. Different seasons and climates also impact on our hair along with stress and the impact of the environment.”

Why should we resolve?

“We all have had our fair share of trend damage in the past including going balayage, playing with bold colours and pin-straight hair, hence, we need to resolve to look after the hair,” says Shala Rodriguez, a spokesperson for K18, a patented biotech treatment, and ‘celeb-approved’ haircare brand that was recently launched in the UAE. Avishek Chaudhuri, Deputy General Manager Marketing, Vatika, suggests that our hair health reflects our personality, “Unkempt tresses are a big turn-off and say a lot about the person’s commitment to hygiene. Caring for your hair isn’t a one-day affair, also, well-groomed hair needs dedication and routine.” Hicham Eid, creative director, Eideal and Davines Arabia, says, “It is important to make a resolution so that your hair will be in the best possible condition, will be as healthy as possible and look its best.”

Top resolves must include

Rossano, who is known for his hairstyling technique entitled “The Method” says, “Hair health should always be a priority. There have been some phenomenal advances in hair colour technology over the years, but coloured hair still requires the utmost after-care. For your hair colour resolution, I advise a weekly hydrating and reparative mask, to help keep hair nourished, supple and strong.” Shala suggests focussing more on ingredients and using effective products rather than constantly coating the hair in never-ending hydrating and repairing masks that only offer a temporary fix. “The hair-care game has evolved over the years, as new technology is discovered and more effective products are hitting the market, which work to reverse damage for good so you can style your hair fearlessly.” Avishek calls looking after hair a therapeutic ritual, which should include, “Right from a rejuvenating hair oil massage to shampooing for thorough cleansing; to all-day moisturising and styling with hair cream.” Hicham suggests going as natural as often as you can, turning down the temperature in the shower, and maintaining a healthy diet, “Also, try to use a scalp scrub, use the correct brush for the status of your hair (avoid over-brushing), and deep condition the hair once a week or use a mask/treatment every week.”

Colour alert

Barry Kane, senior stylist, Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton, advises knowing your limits when it comes to colour and always be guided by your stylist, “Say you have a natural base of dark brown/ black and want to go blonde, it’s important to realise that this transformation is a hair journey. It is unlikely that it can be done in one sitting, especially if you want to protect the integrity and health of your hair. This type of drastic transformation takes time, and you must be patient. Take it step by step.” Stay on the same base level but adapt and change your look by going up or down a shade or two and you will get a flattering result. Hicham advises maintaining your hair colour by using the right products, “Since blonde hair needs special care, I recommend going in for a special range for the same, which offers a complete hair routine with four products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment and a leave-on illuminating thermal-protective fluid.”

Massage, please

Avishek shares one of the best resolutions that you can gift your tresses is rejuvenating hair oil massages, “The benefits are in abundance and cannot be recreated by any other hair care regime. You can elevate this resolution by blending a combination of natural oils such as black seed, cactus, almond, garlic, and coconut. Regular use of such blended natural oils and following it as a ritual will improve the health of your hair and keep it nourished, strong, and lustrous. Just sit back, let your hair down literally and soak in the goodness and warmth of natural oil rituals at least once a week.”

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