KT Desert Drive: Off-roading with the right tyres is more fun

Off-road tyres are built to provide traction in mud, gravel or sand, which is why choosing the right tyre and brand in crucial

By Staff Reporter

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Supplied photo

Published: Thu 18 Nov 2021, 10:30 PM

As you head out for the Khaleej Times Desert Drive, it might be worth considering a new set of off-road tyres for your SUV.

Having the right tyre is imperative. While most everyday tyres should work fairly well if they’re looked after, to get the most out of your day out in the dunes proper off-road tyres are paramount. For starters, desert driving is an entirely different ballgame. On-road tyres are built for better fuel efficiency and thus have lower rolling resistance. This is not the ideal situation in the desert and on loose sand where traction is exactly what you need.

Off-road tyres are built to provide unrivalled traction in mud, gravel or sand. The tread design is key — they generally feature an open-tread pattern. While there are certain disadvantages such as cupping and a softer rubber compound which reduces their life span they are what you need, especially if you’re heading out for events such as Khaleej Times Desert Drive.


There is a vast selection of off-road tyres available and several brands. However, Yokohama tyres score due to a fine balance between pricing and capability.

The Geolandar A/T G015 18-inch tyres are technically all season rubbers for SUVs, and crossovers, and can withstand driving over various types of terrain. Not only is the tread wear lower, they offer greater traction in off-road conditions.

These tyres also feature tread block pitch variations, which while maximising traction, and cutting road noise for a refined ride. It also addresses the problem of aquaplaning in wet driving conditions with its deep circumferential grooves, which disperse water. These tyres provide the best compromise between on-road comfort and off-road capability.

If you’re looking for tyres that are purely designed for the rough stuff, you can’t go wrong with the Geolander M/T G003. A touch pricier, It’s engineered with robust Geo-Shield technologies from casing to tread.

The right tyres are important when you head off-road. Not only will they keep you safe, they will likely make you a better off-road driver.

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