Watch: Filipino bride walks down flooded aisle in wedding gown after typhoon Doksuri, video goes viral

Typhoon Doksuri struck the Philippines causing power outages, floods and devastation

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Photos, videos: @Maria Jasmin Halili/Facebook
Photos, videos: @Maria Jasmin Halili/Facebook

Published: Tue 1 Aug 2023, 12:39 PM

Last updated: Tue 1 Aug 2023, 10:03 PM

A Filipino bride has taken the internet by storm after she decided to continue her wedding despite flooding after a typhoon hit.

Typhoon Doksuri brought a huge storm with it, causing power outages, flooding and devastation. The now-newlywed couple did not let the storm and the typhoon dampen their spirits and continued with their wedding.

In a video that has now being going viral, the bride can be seen wading through the water in the church as she walks to the altar, her trailing gown and veil floating behind her.

The groom and his parents looked prepared for the ocassion, as the groom's trousers were cuffed at the bottom and he switched his formal shoes for a pair of slides. His father followed suit. The groom's mother is seen lifting her gown as she walks through the flooded church.

Receiving appreciation for their high-spritedness, several people have commented on the groom's cousin's Facebook post which has pictures and short clips from the eventful day.

In an ode to their spirit, their cousin captioned the post, "There's no storm or flood for two people in love, so the wedding continues!"


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