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Time for Family Fun

With International Day of Families on May 15, here are some zany apps that will bring the family closer than ever


Janice Rodrigues

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Published: Fri 13 May 2016, 6:47 PM

As you already know by now, International Day of Families is coming up. So, whether it is your parents, siblings or even members of your extended family, this is the time to show them how much you love them. It's doubly important, especially in the UAE, where loved ones can be living time zones away. But that's where technology comes in. Apps like Whatsapp have helped keep families connected, but there are others. Here's our list of apps that will bring close-knit families even closer.
We know it says friends, but this one can be fun for the whole family - especially those who don't get to see each other too often. Words with Friends is a Scrabble-esque word game that has you trying to outsmart your opponent with your spelling skills. You can find an opponent by browsing player's profiles in Community Match or, challenge a competitive family member (every family has one!). It also allows you to chat with friends and family in-game. Turns out you can live miles away from your family and still beat them in a game - how amazing is that? 
The best thing about family is that they are there for you through thick and thin. And managing a doctor's appointments and prescriptions is no mean feat. CareZone is a simple app that helpes you stay on top of your relative's diagnosis, treatment or discharge. Have a hard time keeping track of long medication names? It will be backed up through the app. Have trouble remembering when to take what medication? It sends you reminders. It even includes a Journal (to track how the patient is doing), a Contacts list (specifically for doctors) and a Calendar (to ensure you never forget an appointment). That's all you need and more.
Pictionary has, for long, been a favourite at dinner parties. Now, you get the joy of drawing (or mocking a family member who can't draw) using this handy little app. Challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter and take turns drawing and guessing - all at your own pace. Cool Colour Packs turn your doodles into works of art and if a word seems too tricky, you can always  'explode' it with a bomb. So if you're a natural artist, challenge your close ones - it should be a hoot.
Okay, so an app that gets your kids to do chores may not exactly seem like one that allows for bonding moments. But, that's just because you haven't really heard about You Rule Chores. All you have to do is put the 'You Rule' setting on the parent's device, and each kid gets his or her character to represent them in the app. As chores get done, the characters level up and acquire powers and gadgets. The first one to get all their chores done rules! Fun - and your house will be spick and span too

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