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Moisturising Milk

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By Rima Soni

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Published: Fri 27 Mar 2015, 4:40 PM

Last updated: Fri 26 Jun 2015, 12:26 AM

I’m a 13-year-old girl, and have a whole lot of issues. My finger joints have dark spots on them. My hands are considerably darker than my face (but my facial skin is dull). My lips have become dark and dry: I tried applying coconut oil on them, and they did get lighter — but have become a lot drier. Please suggest some good and easy home remedies to tackle these issues.

  • Fatima

Coconut milk is rich and moisturising, and a better option for your specific needs. Take 1 tablespoon of full cream coconut milk, and add enough finely ground almond powder to make a creamy paste. Apply this to the affected areas: hands, fingers and face (including the lips). Let it dry and rinse with warm water first, followed by cold water. Do this every day — oils do have a drying effect, hence coconut milk is a good alternative.


I am a 30-year-old man, and have been suffering from acne for some years now. I have scars on both cheeks. I would like to lighten or reduce them; it’s embarrassing when I see myself in the mirror. Please suggest some home remedies. Also, where can I get almond powder in Dubai?

  • Sakthi

Scars can be socially and personally embarrassing. A regular application of papaya purée, or even massaging a piece of papaya on the skin daily and leaving it on for an hour followed by a rinse with cold water, is helpful. You can get almond powder at supermarkets selling organic foods. Alternatively, make your own by taking half a cup of almonds, and finely grinding them for a rich powder.

I’m 14 years old and have a lot of blackheads and pimple marks on my cheeks. Could you please suggest a solution to get rid of these?

  • Zama

Take 1 tablespoon of tomato purée, add ¼ teaspoon of rice powder and a teaspoon of finely ground oats powder. Mix well, and apply on the face. After it dries, loosen the mask by patting it with damp hands; then, gently scrub off the mask. Follow with a cold water rinse. Do this every day.

I’m a school student and, for some reason, I smell like fried quails these days! It’s very embarrassing and I don’t have the confidence to be in the company of my friends and teachers. Is there any solution for this?

  • B.

Body odour may occur due to several reasons: low water intake, too much protein consumption and not having enough green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Add a few drops of lemongrass oil or sandalwood oil to the water in your bathtub; even a few sprigs of parsley or lemongrass leaves will do the trick. After your bath, sprinkle your body with sandalwood talc: this removes odour.

Additionally, pay attention to your personal hygiene. For instance, if you rinse your feet in a basin of warm water, to which you have added 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt, it will help you get rid of smelly feet and toes. Have a fresh apple or two everyday — biting into the fruits will help cleanse your teeth and tongue. 

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