Carrot puree to firm skin

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Carrot puree to firm skin

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By Rima Soni

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Published: Fri 16 Aug 2013, 10:46 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 8:27 PM

I am a huge fan of your column, and today I am writing to you asking for help. I am getting married in two months, but my skin is in a terrible condition. Over the past three years, I have developed rashes and my pores have enlarged. I have tried multiple lotions and creams, but none have worked. I usually don’t use a lot of make-up, and I am worried that my bad skin will show through the make-up, making my wedding pictures look bad. Please help me!

— Christine

Thank you for your interest in my 
column, and congratulations on your wedding! To make your skin glow, and shrink pores, I suggest you make a mask with 1 tablespoon almond powder, 3 drops of tea tree oil, and enough rose water to make a smooth paste. Apply a thick layer on your face, and wash with cold water when dry. You will see a visible difference when done every day.

I am a 45-year-old woman, and have lost a lot of weight lately, which has loosened up my cheeks. I request you to kindly suggest a pack that can help lift my face at home. Also, my 2-year-old daughter’s body is darker than her face and her neck. She has a lot of marks on her body due to mosquito bites. Please suggest a remedy to fix these issues.

— Diviya

Make a blend of carrot puree, honey, 
and enough cornflour to make a creamy mask. Apply a thick mask of it, using upward strokes, and rinse with chilled water when it dries out. I suggest you splash chilled water on your face often, to activate circulation and firm the 
skin. Massage your daughter’s skin with coconut milk to lighten her skin, and 
apply aloe vera gel to soothe the mosquito bites.

I have white patches on my face that refuse to go, despite all my efforts. Also, my hair gets oily just two days after I wash it, and I don’t like washing it too often. Please suggest remedies for my problems.

— Name withheld

I would highly recommend you see a dermatologist for your white patches, instead of trying to self-diagnose. If 
your white patches are due to a fungal infection, then you can apply aloe vera gel many times a day, and leave it overnight to help heal it. Oily hair is caused by overactive oil glands, for which I 
suggest you avoid using a conditioner. Steer clear of spicy food and hot showers, and add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to your shampoo to shrink pores and reduce the oil.

I am a 12-year-old girl, suffering from blackheads, dandruff, hairfall, and nits. I have a dark complexion, and my knees, elbows, knuckles, and my under-eye areas are dark and dry. Please suggest solutions for these issues.

— Huzaifa Sheikh

To treat your hair, massage a blend of yoghurt, lemon juice, and a pinch of black pepper into your scalp, and 
shampoo after an hour. For your face, I would recommend mixing together 1 tablespoon of yoghurt with oats and rice powder in equal proportion. Apply this mask after you have cleansed your face and scrub when dry. This will help your skin look brighter, and feel smooth.

I am an 11-year-old with an acne problem, especially around my nose; and also have scars on my chin. My skin is oily, but my hair is rough, and I have a lot of growth on my upper lip. Please recommend some remedies for these problems.

— Name withheld

To clear your marks and pimples, I 
suggest you apply a mix of cinnamon and honey on your face everyday. Leave it on for an hour, and rinse with chilled water. For your lips, I suggest waxing 
it, instead of threading it. For soft and smooth hair, you can apply avocado puree or coconut milk on dry hair. A weekly massage with warm coconut oil will also help restore your tresses. Ensure that you drink 7-8 glasses of water everyday to stay well-hydrated.

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