This Dubai pop-up cafeteria makes delicious 'softies'

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This Dubai pop-up cafeteria makes delicious softies

Published: Wed 30 Aug 2017, 5:56 PM

Last updated: Wed 30 Aug 2017, 8:09 PM

There is little doubt that cafeterias form an integral part of the UAE's food scene! From the ubiquitous tea/coffee shops to cake and pastry shops, the country is dotted with these 'small' eateries, which, perhaps, serve up some of the most delicious quick bites you can lay your mouth on!
While these cafeterias keep their menu fairly simple (mostly shawarmas, sandwiches, wraps and beverages), it's interesting to note how they come up with the most unusual names for their juices and shakes. Drinks like Burj Al Arab, Awar Al Galb, Banath Eeman are a few examples of how innovative these cafes can get while naming their creations. And, the list is not restricted to Arabic only, the cafeterias have now moved into the social media world with names  such as Whatsapp, Snapchat and Selfie! Absurd, but appropriate for the times!
Nevertheless, these cafeterias are an important element of the Emirati cultural and dining experience. They welcome everyone from workers, to travellers, to businessmen and anyone for a quick bite. Simplicity (in terms of service, food and ambience) seems to be one of the reasons why these small joints are still doing well today.
But imagine for a moment if the simplicity factor is taken a notch higher. We're not talking about 7-star stuff here, but a re-imagining of simple cafe fare. Enter SALT and their new pop-up - the SALT x Cafeteria concept. Diners in the UAE looking for a quick bite can now enjoy three cafeteria-inspired options from their food trucks. You can relish traditional drinks with a twist such as the mango-based Abood or the berry-based Aseer 7elu (Aseer Helu). These drinks are now served in an ice cream form. And if you want the best of both worlds (a juice and an ice cream) try their Cocktail Softie - it's yum! We were told that the fruits used for these softies were sourced from Al Aweer Fruit Market.
SALT's pop-ups are located in Abu Dhabi, Kite Beach and Al Ain. By the way, we can tell you that you may spot their colourful Bambi trailers around town. And if you do, do stop by and try their innovative take on beverages and softies. Keep an eye out!

By Keith Pereña

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