UAE: Want a mobile number like #10? New Etisalat service to shorten your phone number

The special numbers have been listed for as high as Dh200,000


Sahim Salim

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Published: Thu 16 Jun 2022, 4:05 PM

Last updated: Thu 22 Jun 2023, 2:42 PM

A new service launched in the UAE shortens Etisalat phone numbers to as little as two digits. Called #TAG, the 40 special codes that shorten the phone numbers are getting some serious bids, with ‘#10’ listed for a starting price of Dh200,000 — the highest in the lot.

The service is provided by Etisalat in cooperation with Emirates Auction. Customers subscribing to the service are assigned a unique #TAG number linked to their postpaid phone number. So, instead of dialling the 10-digit phone number, they can be reached with the #TAG.

For example, a person whose phone number is 050-XXXXXXX can be dialled up with #100 if he/she manages to buy the #TAG. This is not a new mobile number; it is a code that will be connected to a subscriber’s existing postpaid mobile number.

“You will find the special numbers now in the online auction,” Emirates Auction posted along with a video on YouTube.

About 40 #TAG numbers are listed on the Emirates Auction website. The auction ends on June 22.

#1000000 seems to be the most popular, with 44 bids made on the number listed with a starting price of Dh45,500.

Some popular numbers

- #10 has received 26 bids, with a price of Dh200,000

- #1,000 has 33 bids and currently costs Dh32,500

- #1234 has 23 bids and an asking price of Dh50,000

- #11 has 22 bids and is priced at Dh114,000

- #55555 has 20 bids and is currently priced at Dh55,000

* All numbers as at 3pm on June 16.

#TAG service costs

According to the Emirates Auction website, the service is free for the first 12 months. After this, it costs Dh375 per month.

Can #TAG number be dialled from abroad?

No, it can only be dialled from within the UAE. Calls originating outside the UAE or from international operators, or customers roaming abroad will not be able to connect via #TAG. “But they can still call you on your normal mobile number,” the Emirates Auction website states.

Are there any exit fees?

No. If a customer deactivates the service, the assigned #TAG will be “quarantined” for 12 months. The same customer can reactivate the #TAG during this period. “After 12 months of quarantine, #TAG will be available for other customers to purchase,” the website states.

Can the #TAG number be dialled from du numbers?

“You might not be able to receive calls from non-Etisalat callers within the UAE via #TAG for a limited period of time (five business days) from the date of activation. The enablement of such calls may require completion of additional configuration that is outside of Etisalat’s control.”


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