Social media users warned against anti-UAE campaigns


Social media users warned against anti-UAE campaigns

Many Twitterati and social media users believed that Qatar is behind these propaganda


Mustafa Al Zarooni

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Published: Mon 21 Aug 2017, 11:23 PM

Last updated: Tue 22 Aug 2017, 1:40 AM

Emirates News Agency (Wam) has warned against anti-UAE campaigns being spread on the social media.
Fabricated news and photoshopped images are being spread on various social media platforms to defame the UAE and destabilise its security, Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, executive director of Wam has said.
Many Twitterati and social media savvy users believed that Qatar is behind these propaganda, and they create photoshopped screengrabs and lookalikes of official UAE websites to support their propaganda.
Al Raisi called on the public to check and visit the official webpage of Wam and international and local media outlets and ignore fake websites which post such false news.
He told Khaleej Times that all the news and other materials being posted on social media networks are not correct, and social media networks' users and visitors should refer to the official source of the news. This is the only option to distinguish between accurate and false news, especially the fabricated ones.
Russia Today-Arabiya RT issued a warning to this end after the spread of many false and fake news, attributed to it. It said such false news were created and attributed to the channel by creating pages similar to its website. Unrealistic articles which have nothing to do with their website and the RT Channel are being posted in their name, the channel said.
"The dissemination of fake news is being made by using manipulated images or by twisting the contents in the published articles on our website. Such acts are immoral and against media ethics."
Whoever aims to promote such news wanted to tarnish the image of the channel, it added. Some posts to tarnish the image of the UAE Armed Forces were posted on Twitter and other social media platforms, attributing it to the channel.
Some viewers of the channel (RT) called the channel to confirm the news, but were told it was not correct.
Channel officials warned that legal action would be taken against any person who misappropriated the use of the channel's logo or other identities to spread false news.

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