Pakistani man slits compatriot's throat over Dh7,000 in Dubai

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Pakistani man slits compatriots throat over Dh7,000 in Dubai

Dubai - The worker, a Pakistani, denied the murder charge in court.

By Marie Nammour

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Published: Tue 27 Sep 2016, 3:37 PM

Last updated: Wed 28 Sep 2016, 8:31 AM

A 20-year-old worker allegedly slit his compatriot's throat after he failed to give him back part of the Dh7,000 he owed him, the Court of First Instance was told on Tuesday.
The worker, a Pakistani, denied the murder charge in court. The incident happened on July 3 when the defendant allegedly could not get some of his money back from the victim to buy new clothes for the Eid -al -Adha holidays.
The victim's body was discovered by an Afghani man, who works as the car park's guard.
"The victim was in a corner between two cars. He was lying on his back and was covered with blood," the guard said during investigation. The guard added that there was no lighting in the place. The police found the knife near the body. The victim's wallet and phone were still with him and the victim's phone was ringing when the police reached the scene.
The police learned the victim worked for a Chinese company, in Al Nakheel area in Naif, that sold solar power tools. The defendant's involvement in the incident was found through CCTV footage and by tracking the victim's phone calls.
"The defendant's boss told us that he claimed his passport back as he wanted to travel and that he wanted it urgently and was waiting outside his company. So he raised our suspicions," a police lieutenant said.
The police coordinated with the defendant's boss to meet him at 3:10am on July 4.
"We caught him walking on a street in Naif. He looked normal except for his right hand which was covered with a bandage," the lieutenant said.
The defendant claimed before the investigators that he called the victim on that day and asked for Dh200 to buy new clothes for the holidays. When brought into police custody, the accused said that he had been friends with the victim for two years.
"He claimed he had been saving money with him. The money totalled Dh7,000. He said the victim refrained from giving him Dh 200 to buy new clothes and he (the victim) asked him to meet in the parking lot," the police officer said.
The victim later met him in the dark car park in Al Nakheel in Naif area. The defendant told the police they had a verbal brawl when the victim told him he had no money to give him.
The accused claimed he was then surprised by the victim attacking him with a knife. He received a cut in his hand when he tried to protect himself. He then snatched the knife and stabbed the victim in the neck and behind.
He then rushed to a nearby mosque where he washed himself and clothes from blood. The next hearing will be held on October 23.

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