Massive mass removed from pregnant woman's body in UAE

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Massive mass removed from pregnant womans body in UAE

Sharjah - 'Her medications were regular, and she had no history of miscarriage or cancer.'


Asma Ali Zain

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Published: Mon 24 Jun 2019, 4:07 PM

Last updated: Tue 25 Jun 2019, 8:20 PM

Doctors at University Hospital Sharjah (UHS) removed a massive piece of mass (8x7x5 cms) from a 27-year-old pregnant woman's abdomen after a surgery. 
Two months into her pregnancy, the Nigerian woman was rushed to UHS after she complained of severe abdominal pain. A quick scan revealed that there was a huge piece of mass in the patient's abdomen.
"When the patient visited us, she was in terrible pain. However, she reported no weight loss, fever or night sweats. Her medications were regular, and she had no history of miscarriage or cancer. While everything looked normal, the scan showed that there was a large piece of mass, around 8x7x5cms. This had to be treated surgically, or it could have led to an adverse pregnancy outcome," said Dr Sana Abbasi, Senior Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology of University Hospital Sharjah.
It became clear that the patient would have to undergo a surgery to remove the mass. The risk was that this could affect the growth of the baby in the womb. After obtaining a consent from the woman, the doctors at UHS opted for surgery and the mass was successfully removed by laparoscopy. The woman recovered soon and was discharged the very next day.
It couldn't be established what caused the huge mass to develop. According to Dr Sana, preventative screenings is very crucial if there is any kind of irregularity experienced during pregnancy. "In this case, for instance, if the gynaecologist had not prescribed an ultrasound, the piece of mass may not have been detected, as the patient did not have any other symptom besides pain. She would have had to come back after a few months with much more serious issues if her condition was not treated on time, forcing her to compromise on her overall health," Dr Sana pointed out.

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