How kids in UAE plan to spend their summer break


How kids in UAE plan to spend their summer break

Most schools are going to be off for the summer holidays starting first week of July and will resume around end of August.

By Sarwat Nasir

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Published: Sun 9 Jun 2019, 10:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 10 Jun 2019, 12:52 AM

With less than a month before the academic year ends, students, teachers and parents are looking forward to that much-earned summer break.
Pupils went back to school on Sunday after a week-long Eid break and, now, it's final exam time for many of them.
Most schools are going to be off for the summer holidays starting first week of July and will resume around end of August. And while there are still a few weeks until the break officially starts, students are coming up with ways to keep their summer an educational one.
Some kids want to split their days into carrying out different activities, such as arts and crafts, painting and reading. Others want to travel to learn new things on the field. Some pupils are also inspired by the upcoming launch of the UAE's first astronaut and want to educate themselves on all things space-related.
Tips and suggestions from students
1-Travel, experience other cultures
Himanshee Bhargava, Our Own English High School, Sharjah
Summer break is the time to learn and live my passion. I can't wait to learn about other cultures and enjoy the sceneries of different places. This time, I am travelling to Leh and Laddakh to explore the charm of these cities in India. I also plan to join a sports club so that I can pursue my badminton hobby. Aside from that, reading will definitely be a part of my summer routine. I'll be going through my school books, but I will also make time to read other books and newspapers. Overall, my summer vacation will have a bit of everything - from enriching learning experiences to fun activities.
2-Study for half an hour  every  day
Bhagya Shylaja Suresh, New Indian Model School, Dubai
Parents are beginning to plan their children's days without a school schedule. However, keeping all the academics away during this period may not be helpful for the development of my skills. So, I will set aside half an hour a day for studies so that I can close any learning gaps and perform better in the next school year. Summer is an ideal time for all of us to strengthen our academic skills without having to sacrifice all the fun that comes with the season.
3-How about learning another language?
Afrah Noor, New Indian Model School,Dubai
There are plenty of ways to make the most of the summer vacation and turn it into an educational one. Reading good books will always be part of my list, but visiting new places also has its benefits. I also think learning new things - such as another language - and doing something totally new would be cool. And how about visiting mum's or dad's office to learn about new systems and work environments? Truth is, we can learn a lot of things from practically everything. Creating a schedule and planning ahead can help us max out every summer day.
4-Do an exciting project, like space research
Isha R Nair, Kings School Nad Al Sheba
This summer, I intend to balance out my days. Recently, I have been reading a lot of news about Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi in Khaleej Times and the rigorous training they are going through for their space travel. This has created a lot of interest in me and I would like to do a research project about the challenges that astronauts encounter in space. I would like to document my findings and share
it with my school and KT. This would involve a lot of reading and research activities, as well as visits to planetariums and libraries. I am going to be learning new facts on science and technology, and that's going to be really exciting.
5-Create something cool - an artwork or a story
Aekuss Singh Lamba, The Sheffield Private School, Dubai
I plan to indulge in theme-based activities, set for each week. These include drawing, painting, poetry composition, story writing, origami, and arts and crafts activities - all revolving around a particular theme. I will chalk out a list of such activities that I am unable to do during regular school days. I also plan to make gifts for my cousins through DIY videos. On top of that, I will be preparing 20-page activity booklets - which will include planning their content, designing them, printing and binding - for the book corner of my classroom next year. These will feature cut-outs of Kakuro and Sudoku puzzles, as well as word searches from KT Young Times and KT City Times.
6-Time to do things you've always wanted to do
Dharmi Soni, Aspam Indian International School, Sharjah
This summer vacation, I am hoping to develop new skills, especially those I have always wanted to try. For one, I have always dreamt of playing an instrument, so I hope to start taking up some lessons on drums. Also, I have always been fascinated with weaving, so I'll try to look for resources for that. Some yoga or morning exercises can keep my mind and body relaxed and energetic throughout the summer holiday. But this season must not be all about fun, as it's a great time for me to do more research on the nervous system, especially because I hope to pursue a career in healthcare. It's never too early to get ready. I also love a good book, and I prefer to unwind and cap the day by reading. Another thing that students must focus on are community activities. During this period, I hope to be an active participant in environmental activities. I will plant more trees near our house, and create a feeder where birds can peacefully eat and drink water.
7-Make sure holidays are full of learning, laughter
Neil Matthews (Principal and CEO, GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail)
As students across Dubai and the UAE look forward with excitement to the summer holidays, this is a great time to consider how to make the most of the extended break from school. The holidays are an opportunity to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. However, there are many ways in which students can enrich their education and take their learning 'beyond the classroom'.
For younger children, keeping a diary or creating a journal of the different activities that they are involved in can give their writing a real purpose. Making visits to local museums, zoos and landmarks are also wonderful ways to bring learning to life. If travelling further afield, writing postcards to friends and family keep the skills of writing, spelling and grammar alive. Being responsible for pocket money or an allowance is also a great way of putting number skills into practice through budgeting.
Keeping up their reading habits is also really important for children over the summer break. Explore some of the newspapers created for children or, if visiting the cinema, encourage your child to read the book of the film before seeing it on the big screen. A great talking point after the film would be to compare the book with the film.
For older students, the summer break can be a time to volunteer and support local community groups. It can also be a time to take up a new hobby such as photography, a new sport, or learning to play an instrument. Having interests and hobbies beyond their areas of study really helps create well-rounded students.
With such an extended time away from studying, it can be easy to forget learning. One way of keeping a student's mind academically active is to meet with classmates during the break to revisit key learning points.
Tutoring a younger student is also an effective way to keep the mind sharp and ensure that a student is ready to begin the new school year.
Learning is very much like exercise: Once you take a break from it, it can be harder to get back on track. It is important to keep your child's learning alive, ensuring that their summer holidays are full of learning as well as laughter.

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